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Finance Committee

The finance committee functions as the oversight to the MSC budget, which has been $25,000-$30,000 the last several years. Members of the finance committee are the individuals predominantly responsible for the allocation of the approved budget to student groups, traveling students and MSC sponsored events. Required duties include attending finance committee meetings, attending funding days that occur at the beginning of each semester, working with the MSC treasurer to maintain an accurate budget, and working closely with administration and students on concerns including tuition and student fees.

Committee Chair: Dan Fisher, MS2​

Committee Positions:

Treasurer: Distributes requests for travel and any individual request to the finance committee within 48 hours of submission and collect votes. The treasurer will voice an opinion and research any questions raised during discussion. The treasurer must then communicate with the student(s) requesting funds and Terri Wood regarding the vote/allocation. Update the MSC and finance committee on MSC funds regularly. 

Finance committee: Respond to requests within 5 days of receipt. Attend funding nights in the fall and spring. Members will also serve as a resource for medical students who could benefit from utilizing MSC funds. 

Member Expectations/Basic Timeline:

August/Early September

Treasurer: Coordinate committee budget requests by early September​, present overall MSC budget to MSC and then submit the budget to the appropriate administrative office, student affairs or otherwise specified. 

Treasurer: Update the funding guidelines & website. Updates to the guidelines must be approved by the finance committee before being published.

Finance committee: Coordinate and hold a fall funding event with all student interest groups. All groups are required to attend these meetings in person unless otherwise specified. All groups must also submit a renewal form to Student Affair prior to utilization of any budget.


Treasurer: Communicate with student interest groups regarding budgets and upcoming deadlines.


Treasurer: Work with Terri Wood to facilitate recouping any unspent group funds in early January. 

Finance committee: Coordinate and hold a spring funding event with all student interest groups. Only groups that have elected new leadership or have been newly recognized are required to attend in person. The treasurer is responsible for looking over budget requests and asking any foreseeable questions prior to the spring funding night.