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University of Colorado SOM Class of 2013

     Co-Presidents: Ryan Farmer & Sarah Gitomer

     Vice President: Karen Christopher

     Treasurer: Kathan Amin

     Secretary: Whitney Kopp

     Social Chairs: Allison Kimball & Dan Balk


Elected Representatives:

     Medical Student Council Rep: David Elwell

     Student Senate: Megan Griffiths and Tony Cappa

     Faculty Senate: Courtenay Holscher

     Diversity: Hasan Azimi & Shauna Seaman

     Student Wellness Committee: David Leopold & Cassie Roeca

     Teaching Excellence Awards Committee: Melissa Deloughry & Haley Landwehr

     Financial Aid: Nathan Lamborn

     ECBD (Essentials Core Block Directors Committee): Ryan Farmer & Brian Choi

     CBD (Clinical Block Directors Committee): Megan Griffiths & Jacqueline Linton

     CSC (Curriculum Steering Committee): Karen Christopher & Ben Wendell

     VOICE (Vision Oversight Innovation Competencies Evaluation Committee): Courtney Holscher    

                & Kathan Amin

     Longitudinal Curriculum Committee: Ashley Blanchard and Matt Herring

     Organization of Student Representatives : Courtney Holscher

     Alumnae Association: Taylor Triolo & Helenka Rowe

     Honor Council: Tyson Oberndorfer

     Professionalism: Eric Brown

     CO Springs Campus : Melissa Deloughry

    Academic Promotions Committee: Julie Simpson


Remeber to register for match if you haven't already done so!  Good luck on interviews!

*General Clerkship Information and Advice 

*Evaluations and Patient Logging

*General Medical Guidelines

*EKG Tutorials

*Care of Hospitalized Adult Clerkship (Internal Medicine)

*Rural/Adult Ambulatory Care


*Women’s Care

*Infant Child Adolescent Care (Pediatrics)

* Know any more good sites?  Email Whitney Kopp

Financial Aid-
Remember to budget for residency interviews and airfares

1. an email was sent out regarding alums hosting MSIVs during interview season. We discussed the need for housing for away rotations as well, and the office of alumni relations will check for availability for those if you let them know that's what you're looking for.
2. The Alumni Relations Office offers the HOST (Help Our Students Travel) Program for current MSIV's who are interviewing for residencies around the country.  We ask CU School of Medicine alumni to host MSIV's in their home for overnight stays during their interviews.  If you are interested in staying with an alum during any of your interviews, please fill out the application and return it to me at
3. the MAA will be hosting a luncheon for the class of 2013 in the spring
4. 2 scholarships from the MAA will be offered to 4th-year medical students for the first time this year... applications are through the generic scholarship application
5. Dr. Bill Maniatis will succeed Dr. Gary Grasmick as the MAA Board president

CSC updates:
1. Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship proposal has been revised to offer an extended Rural Community Care/Hospitalized Adult Care/Adult Ambulatory Care rotation and budget.
2. The grading policy for Phases I and II will change effective August 2012.  The differences are:1) eliminate the use of an “I”/incomplete grade; 2)students failing a block will be allowed one round of remediation rather than two; and 3) the final end of the block grade will reflect “PR” (passed with remediation) or “F” (fail).