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Clinical Block Directors- Student Page

The Clinical Block Directors Committee (CBDs committee) will be responsible for the following:​

  • Design, content development, implementation, evaluation and quality improvement of an outstanding Clinical Core curriculum.
  • Integration of Clinical Core blocks with Threads, Integrated Clinicians Course (ICC),  Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum (FDC), Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA), and  Medical Student Research.
  • Interaction with Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Dean of Educational Development & Research, Director of Center for Advancing Professional Excellence, Director of Evaluation, Curriculum Office, clinical departments and department chairs.
  • Regular review of Clinical Core blocks, including a summary report of the student on-line evaluations of the block and faculty, graduation questionnaires, student performance on Clinical Practice Exam (CPE) and United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).
  • Development and implementation of policies and processes related to ongoing activities of the Clinical Core blocks: block structure and scheduling, duty hours, faculty and resident development, course and faculty evaluations, attendance policies, student assessment including mid-point review, grading policies, grade appeals, timely grading and submission to Associate Dean of Student Affairs office, remediation, professionalism, etc.
  • Report annually to and respond to requests from the Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC).
  • Report annually to and respond to ad hoc requests from the Vision, Oversight, Innovation, Curriculum and Evaluation and Excellence (VOICE) Committee

A list of updated student representatives can be found on your class's Canvas page (remember: class pages are listed under "Modules" on Canvas)​. Your lovely representatives are also keeping you updated on what is going on at their committees via the discussion boards on Canvas.