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Clinical Block Directors- Student Page

The Clinical Block Directors Committee (CBDs committee) will be responsible for the following:​

  • Design, content development, implementation, evaluation and quality improvement of an outstanding Clinical Core curriculum.
  • Integration of Clinical Core blocks with Threads, Integrated Clinicians Course (ICC),  Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum (FDC), Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA), and  Medical Student Research.
  • Interaction with Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Dean of Educational Development & Research, Director of Center for Advancing Professional Excellence, Director of Evaluation, Curriculum Office, clinical departments and department chairs.
  • Regular review of Clinical Core blocks, including a summary report of the student on-line evaluations of the block and faculty, graduation questionnaires, student performance on Clinical Practice Exam (CPE) and United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).
  • Development and implementation of policies and processes related to ongoing activities of the Clinical Core blocks: block structure and scheduling, duty hours, faculty and resident development, course and faculty evaluations, attendance policies, student assessment including mid-point review, grading policies, grade appeals, timely grading and submission to Associate Dean of Student Affairs office, remediation, professionalism, etc.
  • Report annually to and respond to requests from the Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC).
  • Report annually to and respond to ad hoc requests from the Vision, Oversight, Innovation, Curriculum and Evaluation and Excellence (VOICE) Committee

Student Representatives
Class of 2013
Megan Griffiths and Jacqueline Linton​​

Class of 2014
Chelsea Wolf and Brandon Sawyer

Class of 2015
Georgia McCormick and Emilee Sandsmark