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Welcome to Student National Medical Association

School of Medicine

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) was founded in 1964 to support medical students of color during their development as future physicians. 
From its beginning, SNMA played a major role in increasing minority enrollment in medical schools across the nation.  We continue this commitment today through mentoring programs for students at several levels of education, from elementary school through college. 
We additionally focus on the support of medical students from diverse backgrounds, the transformation of medical education into one that is more culturally effective for our nation's diverse population, and outreach to communities with limited access to quality healthcare. 
Our ultimate purpose is to supply exceptional medical care to multicultural patients, primarily through the support and encouragement of a culturally educated medical team.

2013 Officers:

Co-presidents: Jim Do & Logan Mims
Co-vice presidents: Francis Del Rosario & Gabrielle Whitmore
Treasurer: Mo Canellas
Secretary: Lydia Archuleta
Social & Service Chairs: Sandy Huynh, Amanda Neidermyer, & Dan Nguyen
MAPS Liasons: Shamita Punjabi & Amanda Neidermyer

Left to right: Francis Del Rosario, Lydia Archuleta, Sandy Huynh, Amanda Neidermyer, Logan Mims, Shamita Punjabi, Gabrielle Whitmore, Mo Canellas and Jim Do.