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Research Opportunities


Interested in becoming involved in a clinical study on congenital hepatobiliary anomalies?

The Department of Surgery at Children’s Hospital is looking for students interested in aiding in a clinical study focused on choledochal cysts. The student will be primarily helping in the review of patients.

For additional information please contact Fritz Karrer, MD

Interested in working on a cardiothoracic research project?

The Department of Surgery and Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery is looking for students interested in taking part in one of several retrospective research projects in the area of congenital heart surgery.

For additional information please contact Max Mitchell, MD

Interested in working in one of several areas of trauma research?

Studies include:

1. Development of a program at Denver Health involving brief intervention for alcohol and drugs in trauma patients. Such programs have been shown to significantly decrease repeat admissions as well as arrests for DUI. The study will incorporate several disciplines including Surgery/Trauma, Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

2. Management of HELLP syndrome with specific focus on surgical manifestations in the era of damage control surgery (note: HELLP syndrome is Hypertension, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelets, associated with pre-eclampsia)

3. Coagulation abnormalities in Massive Transfusion of Trauma Patients

4. Heroic and Emergent Procedures in the Intensive Care Unit

Most of these projects could have student involvement which could lead to publication citings, data collection and research, participation, and data analysis.

For additional information please contact Carlton Barnett, MD

Interested in working on an ophthalmology research project?

The study seeks to define a relationship between glaucoma (as indicated by a loss of nerve fiber layer) and pulmonary hypertension (a disease of hypoxia and altered hemodynamics) using Optical Coherence Tomography. Students will be instrumental in recruiting and obtaining consent of study patients, data organization, and helping with workup in the clinic. Additionally, the student will learn how to perform the needed study tests.

For additional information please contact Malik Kahook, MD

Interested in working with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon on a research project related to scoliosis?

Students would be involved in investigating the genetics of idiopathic scoliosis using DNA, molecular techniques including PCR, computer design of vectors, primers, and preparation of samples for molecular sequencing. There are options for an 8 week period over the summer or a committed time for a research 'elective' during the school year. These would be directed projects with a goal and an opportunity to be involved with a publication or presentation.

For additional information please contact Nancy Hadley Miller, MD

Interested in a summer research project working in the hospital with surgery patients?

The study is an evaluation of post-operative delirium. Students would be involved with examining the incidence and clinical factors associated with delirium, and evaluating some metabolic and inflammatory markers in these patients.

For additional information please contact Tom Robinson, MD