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Career Planning

Wilderness Medicine Elective

Specialty Choice is a big decision, and requires careful research and planning.  Career Planning is a four-step process that should include the following areas:

1.  Self Assessment is the first step, and is the process of getting to know yourself.  Knowing yourself includes understanding what you are interested in and what you are good at, thinking about your career and desired lifestyle, and understanding influences and educational experiences that have led you to a career in medicine.

2.  Exploring Options is the next step, and requires some thinking about specialties and the content and nature of the work required for each specialty, and which ones appeal to you most.

3.  Making a decision about specialty choice will occur usuallysometime during 3rd year or early in 4th year

4.  During 4th year, the focus will shift to The Match and getting into a residency program--time to get a paying job!