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Mt Sneffels College


Andrew Faber
I hail from Evergreen/Denver, CO and went to CU Boulder for undergrad. I will be matching into an Internal Medicine program this March and my research interest is type 2 diabetes prevention. I enjoy snowboarding, backpacking, BBQ, and ‘dem local sports teams. My skills include napping, WoW lv 60 mage. My worst 3rd year moment: ate my pregnant attending’s sandwich.

​Lauren King
Lauren King.jpg

I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and am still a Southerner at heart, even without the accent to prove it!  I went to college at Stanford University, and graduated with a degree in anthropology.  Since starting medical school, I have tried to keep in touch with my “fuzzy” side, as a leader of the Medical Humanities Interest Group.  I also am a member of the steering committee for the Warren Village clinic and elective.  I am planning to go into pediatrics, and am especially interested in the social elements of children’s health.

Camelia Baldridge
Camelia Baldridge.jpg

I'm a CO child turned big city girl. I went to CU Boulder for undergrad and then moved to NYC to pursue research opportunities at Mt Sinai SOM. The summer before medical school I was backpacking across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with my two best friends. I am currently undecided between anesthesia and OB/GYN but I do know that residency will land me in another big city.
Kristen French
Kristen French.JPG

I went to CU Boulder (go buffs!) for undergrad and dabbled briefly in the business of wine and finance before coming to medical school. I loved running through the mountains of Boulder, playing board games, and gardening. In medical school, I still love those things and have additionally discovered a passion for emergency medicine, riding my bike around Denver, and lawn games.

Kristin Furfari
Nikki Restauri

Jessica Cataldi Specialty: Pediatrics
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: Northwestern University​
Sara Combs
Specialty: Nephrology
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: University of Washington​
​Teresa Jones
Specialty: Surgery
Year: PGY 5
Medical School: Case Western Reserve
​Austin Larson
Specialty: Pediatric Genetics
Year: PGY 4
Medical School: Brown University​
Aaron Lazorwitz Hi I'm Aaron. I went to Johns Hopkins University for undergrad and then UT Southwestern for medical school. I'm currently a second year resident in OB/GYN and pursuing a fellowship in family planning. I enjoy hiking, checking out local/craft breweries, reading, and movies. I'm always excited to talk to people about how awesome it is being an OB/GYN, especially being a male in the field!
Deborah Liptzin
Specialty: Pediatric Pulmonary
Year: PGY 5
Medical School: University​ of Massachusetts
Kari Mader
Specialty: Family Medicine
Year: PGY 2
Medical School: University​ of Florida
Adrienne Mann I am currently a 3rd year resident in Internal Medicine at the University of Colorado. I went to the University of Colorado for both undergrad and medical school. Following completion of my IM residency, I will be one of the Chief Medical Residents at the Denver VA Medical Center. My academic interests are in medical student and resident education. Outside of the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my family whether at the theatre, symphony, a great Denver restaurant, our just outside enjoying the beautiful state of Colorado.
Michael Susalla Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Year: PGY 2
Medical School: Chicago Medical School
Amy Willis

I grew up in small town Vermont, then travelled to California to go to college at Stanford University.  There I received my bachelor's in Human Biology and master's in Education.  I spent a few years in San Francisco teaching high school biology before venturing to Denver for medical school.  Currently I am a second year resident in the pediatrics program and possibly interested in a hospitalist career.  When not spending all of my time in the hospital, I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, joggin, hiking, and spending time with friends.