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Conundrum College

Michelle Dudevoir
Michelle Dudevoir.png

I am a transplant from the east coast – originally from New York. In college I studied Neuroscience and Psychology, and played varsity lacrosse. I then moved to Colorado and worked in a research lab doing basic science breast cancer research and statistical analysis for several years before realizing I liked patients much better than just their cells… At CUSOM, I have had the pleasure of serving on the Admissions Committee and leading the Military Medicine Interest Group (oh yeah, I’m in the Army). I have also developed an interest in how to make the most of feedback in clinical settings and I’m happy to talk to anyone about how to better incorporate feedback into your medical education! Though I entertained the idea of going into Psychiatry for quite some time… I will be going into Orthopedic Surgery. Things I enjoy outside of medicine include running long distances very slowly, crafting, grilling, wearing embarassing costumes in public, baking fancy desserts, power tools, traveling (particulary to warm, beachy destinations), and fake mustaches.

Jeffrey Barstch

I'm glad to be an advisor this year. My interests include figuring how to manipulate my 4th year schedule to minimize the number of days I can't watch Seinfeld, soccer, and having no idea what I want to do with my life. Actually I am thinking about Anesthesiology or Medicine, but haven't quite decided yet. I grew up in Montana, went to undergrad at Seattle Pacific University, and was valet to Seattle's rich and famous for a year before med school. I'm excited to be involved in advising because I now fully understand the importance of career exploration and networking early on in medical school.

Jessica Jack
Jessica Jack.png

I'm a 4th year medical student. I'm from Pennsylvania and did my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Vassar College. Prior to medical school I was pretty involved in choirs and opera singings and I still sing with the arrhythmias here on Campus. As far as medicine goes, I plan to match into pediatrics and I hope to incorporate some child psychiatry into my practice way down the road.

Thomas Seibert
Thomas Seibert.jpeg

I am a Denver native that returned here for school after going to Miami University (Ohio) for undergrad, New York Medical College for a masters, and L.A. for some work. I am interested in Emergency Medicine and Wilderness Medicine making CU a perfect fit. I am a dedicated skier (and ski bum in my dreams), hiker, cyclist and attempting to be a climber. I love Denver professional sports and CU's (good) sports teams. Other facts about me: I have the best dog (fact), I am overly competitive in adult recreational sports, I am the black sheep compared to my older brother who is a rocket scientist, I was the last prom Queen that CU medical school has ever had, I am looking at couples matching for residency (not with the prom King).
Carrie Brown
Bob Davies

Jenny Chua-Tuan ​Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Year: PGY 2
Medical School: Texas Tech University
​Ben Goot
​Specialty: Pediatric Cardiology
Year: PGY 6
Medical School: Penn State University

Megan Gossling Specialty: Pediatrics
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: University
of Vermont
Megan Kirkley
Hi! I'm Meg Kirkley, currently a resident in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Colorado and a Resident Advisor in Conundrum College. I'm from North Carolina and did college, medical school and a MPH in Chapel Hill before moving to Colorado in 2011. I couples-matched with my husband Ben, who is a resident in Family Medicine at Rose Medical Center. I'm planning on fellowship in Neonatology, and have broader career interests in medical education and quality improvement. In my free time I love making messes in the kitchen, treating my dog like a human child, and doing stuff outdoors in this lovely state. Except for skiing, which terrifies me.

Ryan Murphy Specialty: Internal Medicine
Year: PGY 2
Medical School: UC San Diego
Ryan Jordan Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: University of Texas at Houston
Jared Shows
Specialty: Pathology
Year: PGY 2
Medical School:
LSUHSC Shreveport
David Sprunger
Specialty: General Surgery
Year: PGY 1
Medical School: University of Colorado
Taylor Triolo Specialty: Pediatrics
Year: PGY 1
Medical School: University of Colorado
Keith Wells Specialty: Internal Medicine
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Amy Reppert Specialty: General Surgery
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: University of Colorado