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Bierstadt College

​Nathan Lamborn
Nathan Lamborn.jpg

I’m originally from the north side of Colorado Springs and then I went to CSU and got a finance degree. Between med school and undergrad I spent some time in Uganda and spent some time interning in Washington, DC at a think tank. Here at med school my interests have been in research (South Africa trauma, anesthesia) and student groups (MSC, financial aid committee, CMS, Benjamin Rush Society). Outside of school I enjoy playing any sport, hitting the slopes and training for races (mostly to get free shirts). I’m also a combo MD/MBA student and I’m very interested in the business side of medicine. I’d like to match in anesthesiology next year and someday I hope help run a hospital or maybe even start a physician group or consulting firm.

​Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor.jpg

Hi! I originally hail from Kensington, Maryland but am closing in on my 8th year here in beautiful Colorado. Before med school, I was a ski bum, Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa, and Post-bacc Boulder Buff. My hobbies include thinking and talking about global health and international development, all things zombies, eating rice with my hands, flip-flop weather, second breakfastses, and running. At this point my career interests are: EM/IM combined, IM, uh, maybe FM, errr…. ask me next week!

​Marina Rodriguez
Marina Rodriguez.jpg

I am a Colorado native, I grew up in Loveland (not the ski resort). I went to University of Notre Dame for undergrad and then came straight here. My hobbies outside of med school are biking, hanging out with my overly large dog, hiking, Notre Dame Football and various winter activities. I am on the Army HPSP scholarship and am planning on going into Ortho.

Rachel Skalina
Rachel Skalina.jpeg

I'm a fourth-year (!!!) hailing from Philadelphia. She went to the University of Pennsylvania undergrad, then spent a year traveling in South America/working at a coffee shop/ enjoying life before moving here. She is most likely going into pediatrics (though still considering internal medicine and med-peds). She loves exploring Colorado on skis or in hiking boots, playing on the med school ice hockey team, trying new restaurants/ breweries, and adventuring with her black lab, Betty.


​Vijay Ramakrishnan

I grew up in San Antonio and graduated from the University of Texas. I attended medical school at Baylor College of Medicine and Otolaryngology residency at the University of Colorado. After completing a fellowship in Rhinology, I now work doing mostly sinus and skull base procedures, with a number of research interests. My favorite food is pizza.

​Rachel Swigris

Mara Additon ​Specialty: General Surgery
Year: PGY 1
Medical School: University of Colorado
Tyler Anstett Specialty: Internal Medicine
Year: PGY 2
Medical School: Rocky Vista University
Danielle Arnold Specialty: Pediatrics
Year: PGY 2
Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern
Heather Hoch
Specialty: Pediatrics
Year: PGY 4
Medical School: University of Colorado
Michelle Leppert
Specialty: Neurology
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: Emory University
Brook McConnell
Specialty: Otolaryngology
Year: PGY 4
Medical School: University of Colorado
Alex Myint
Specialty: Internal
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: Texas A&M
Bart Paull Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Year: PGY 1
Medical School: University of Colorado
Elaine Reno
Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Year: PGY 3
Medical School: University of
Leslie Ridall
Specialty: Peds Critical Care
Year: PGY 6
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine