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 Welcome to the Spring Stampede Brain Bowl

You are called upon to demonstrate your medical knowledge in the lecture hall and on the wards everyday. The Spring Stampede Brian Bowl is your chance to finally benefit from all of the useless knowledge taking up the space that would otherwise be filled by drug names and doses. Topics covered include everything but medicine; don’t try to study up.

Location: Education Building 2 North, Room 1102

Date and Time: April 20th, Stampede Challenge Set 1, round 1 will start at 11:30 am; round 2 will start at 12:10 pm

Rules: To participate, form a team of four. You can get extra points if each team member is from a different medical school class. You can have one faculty or resident advisor per team.

Scoring: Each team will be graded, and receive points for their College based on number of correct answers. You may not challenge any trivia question. Teams will also receive bonus points if comprised of a member from each medical school class. Each team may also have one Advisory College faculty member or resident. All cell phones will be collected at the beginning of the test and returned after all team answer sheets have been collected. Each team will have 30 minutes to complete the Trivia Challenge. Conferring amongst team members is allowed, however, teams will not confer with any other team or a non-team member. The team that gets the most points overall for the challenge will receive a Trivia Championship points.