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Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans

for CU GME Residents

As a Resident or Fellow in a CU GME training program, you may choose to partcipate in the CU 403(b), PERA 401(K) and/or the PERA 457 Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans​.

Some considerations: 

      • ​​Reduce current taxable income by the amount of your contributions.
      • Accumulate money for retirement.
      • Pay no income taxes on contributions made or interest earned until money is withdrawn from the investment plan.
      • Begin participation or change contributions anytime throughout the year (no mandatory open enrollment period).
      • Directing your retirement plan contributions is a decision that involves your personal financial goals and current situation. GME personnel are not permitted to advise you. Please contact Employee Services. 

About your contributions:

      • ​​No “employer” match is available to the Resident or Fellow with these Voluntary Savings Plans.​
      • Contributions to any combination of 403(b) or 401 plans, including those at different employers, cannot exceed a total of $18,500, or 100% of your total eligible annual income, whichever is less. 401 plans are not available to GME Residents through the University. 
      • Contributions to a 457 Plan allow a separate, additional contribution of up to $18,500 annually.


    CU GME does not provide information on these plans.
    Review information at or call Employee Services at 303-860-4200.

    PERA 401(k) and PERA 457 Plans:
    You may also call 800-759-7372 or visit the Colorado PERA website,​ for information regarding these plans.​

Financial Wellness:

​Review the CU Employee Services Financial Wellness​ webpage for topics such as "Healthy Habits," "Personal Financial Checkup," and "Personal Financial Consultations." Resident and fellows can take part in free one-on-one sessions with a financial professional from TIAA, the University's retirement plan service provider. 

Note: This is not an Employee Services document. The University reserves the right to change all or any part of this benefit and information at any time. If there are any discrepancies between this document and Employee Services policies and procedures, the relevant plan documents, Employee Services policies and procedures, and any applicable federal and state laws will govern. You are responsible for staying within the guidelines of these plans as defined by the IRS.

Updated January 2018