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Professional Risk Management (PRM)

When to contact Professional Risk Management:

  1. If Residents need a claims history for verification purposes (if only malpractice insurance verification is needed, please contact the GME Office)

  2. If any of the following items occur, notify Professional Risk Management IMMEDIATELY at 303-724-7475 (47475 or 4-RISK), as they require immediate regulatory agency reporting:

        • Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-injury
        • Transfusion reaction, medication, diagnostic, and therapeutic error
        • Unexpected deaths/deaths due to suspicious circumstances
        • Occurs while a patient is in restraint/seclusion; or occurs within 24 hours after the patient has been removed from restraint/seclusion; or within 1 week after restraint/ placement in seclusion contributed or indirectly to patient’s death
        • Alleged neglect, verbal, physical or sexual assault - patient or staffAdverse event resulting in brain or spinal cord injury, including falls resulting in loss of consciousness
        • Patient elopement (AWOL)
        • Infant abduction/discharge to wrong parent
        • Surgery or procedure on wrong patient/wrong body part
        • Equipment malfunction and/or misuse
        • Burn injury
        • Drug diversion if omission of scheduled drug or adverse outcome to patient
        • Life threatening anesthesia/transfusion complication.
        • Major permanent loss of function not related to natural course of patient illness or condition

Additional Professional Risk Management Information: