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Frequently Asked Questions

For Residents & Fellows:

 How do I update my address with the GME Office?

​It is important that the GME office has updated contact information for all residents. Please notify the GME office of any address changes by completing the CU GME New Address Form​. Please also update your address in your employee portal.  22

 How do I obtain a copy of my immunization records?

You may email ProHealth, the designated provider for CU GME's immunization program, at to request a copy of your immunization documentation. Phone requests are not permissible. Email will serve as your consent for release of records. Records will be provided only to you (no third parties) via return email. You should keep a copy of these records and can then provide directly to requesting entities.

Results for drug screenings provided through the CU GME immunization program may be requested from​​​, with the same email request requirement as above.

 How do I obtain a copy of my pay advice?

In order to view and/or print a copy of your monthly pay advice you must login to the CU Portal, click on the NavBar (small compass needle in upper right corner of screen), CU Resources, My Info and Pay, then Pay Advice.​​2

 How do I obtain my W-2 when I am no longer employed by the University of Colorado School of Medicine?

Go to the Employee Services - Forms webpage and complete the following forms:
    • Address, Phone, Email Change: Former Employee/Surviving Spouse/SGDP​
    • W2/1042-S Reissue Request Form

Fax the forms to 303-860-4299.​


 What are the current and upcoming salaries (stipends)?

Salaries for each PGY level are posted on the Stipends page of the GME website and are posted for the next year once they are established.4

 Am I required to pay FICA?

Medical residents are not entitled to the student exception for FICA, according to the IRS Office of Chief Counsel (Tax Exempt and Governmental Entities). The IRS has concluded that generally, unless the facts are virtually identical to those in the Eighth Circuit case (University of Minnesota where residents pay tuition), services provided by medical residents are not incident to and for the purpose of pursuing a course of study, but rather a form of on-the-job training, and therefore not entitled to the statutory exception from FICA.5

 How do I change my payroll withholdings?

To update your W-4 you must login to the CU Portal, click on the NavBar (small compass needle in upper right corner of screen), CU Resources, My Info and Pay, then W-4. You must go through the Two-Factor Authentication to update your W-4​


 How do I update my direct deposit information for payroll?

To update your Direct Deposit you must login to the CU Portal, click on the NavBar (small compass needle in upper right corner of screen), CU Resources, My Info and Pay, then Direct Deposit. You must go through the Two-Factor Authentication to update your Direct Deposit.​


 Who do I contact with questions relating to my pager?

The Pager Desk handles all new requests, repairs, replacements, and all other pager questions & support.  Click here​ for additional information.

 My parking card is not working. What do I do?

Contact the Parking Office at 303-724-2555.9

 Is there a contact list for resolving certain issues?

Please refer to the Concern and Complaint Policy​ for information regarding who to contact for resolving certain issues.


 At what point during my residency or fellowship must I complete USMLE Step 3?

All residents in GMEC approved programs are required to successfully complete the USMLE Step 3 examination or COMLEX Part 3 examination, as evidenced by obtaining a passing grade for that examination, prior to the mid-point of the second post-graduate year (PGY2).

All fellows entering GMEC approved programs must have successfully completed the USMLE Step 3 examination or COMLEX Part 3, as evidenced by obtaining a passing grade for that examination, prior to starting a fellowship.

 Where can I find information regarding malpractice coverage?

Standard information regarding your malpractice insurance is listed below:

                     Name of Carrier/Provider: University of Colorado Self-Insurance and Risk Management Trust Coverage

                     Policy Number: Since we are a self-trust we do not have a policy number ("self-insured")

                     Type of coverage (Claims-made or Occurrence): Occurrence-based

                     Dates effective: First day of training

                     Date of expiration: Last day of training

                     Tail Coverage: Does not include tail coverage

                     Name of local contact: Alyssa Maxfeldt

                     Mailing Address: 13001 E. 17th Place, Bldg 500, MS C293, Aurora, CO 80045

                     Telephone number: 303-724-7475

                     Fax number: 303-724-6034

 To request a claims history, please contact Professional Risk Management at 303-724-7475.  

Additional malpractice information can be found on our Professional Risk Management webpage.​


 Who do I contact when I am too fatigued to drive home safely?

 How do I obtain my username and password for MedHub?

An email was sent to you at least a week prior to your start date with your initial access.  Please contact Karen Graves​ if you did not receive this email.15

 I would like to participate in an international rotation. How do I get started?

Visit the CU GME International Rotations for Medical Residents and Fellows Website and review the application timeline. This timeline will provide you with the steps you need to take in order to participate in an international rotation.16

 What steps do I need to take in order to obtain a new CU SOM ID badge or renew my current badge?

Contact your program coordinator, informing them of your need for a new or renewed badge.  They will contact the GME Administrative Assistant, who will then submit a request to the Security and Badging Office (SBO).  As soon as that request is processed you will receive an email from the SBO asking you to contact them directly to schedule a time to pick up your badge.  For additional information regarding your CU SOM ID badge, click here​17

 Where can I go to find answers to questions related to student loans?

You can access basic information and resources pertaining to student loans via our Financial Considerations page. ​


 How do I obtain information about parking on the AMC campus?

You can obtain information regarding parking on the AMC campus via our CU SOM Resident Parking webpage. ​​19

 I will be exiting my GME training program soon. What do I need to do before leaving?

Follow the steps laid out in our GME Exiting Process​.20

 Am I exempt from paying DEA registration fees during my training program?

Yes, you are eligible for the exemption during your training program, as long as you are not moonlighting externally outside of CU.     21

​For Program Coordinators:

 What documentation do I need to submit if my residents and fellows change their name?

Submit a signed copy of the updated social security card to Tiffany Roth​. Tiffany will change the name in PeopleSoft which will automatically update to the Residency Management Software during the nightly export.1

 What documentation do I need to submit if my residents and fellows change their address?

Submit the change of address via e-mail to Joe Lafond​. Joe will change the address in PeopleSoft which will automatically update to MedHub during the nightly export. 2

 What do I need to do if my resident or fellow is eligible for additional pay?

Complete the Additional Pay For​m​ and return it to Tiffany Roth​ by the 5th of the month. If Additional Pay Forms are received by to the 5th of the current month the resident or fellow will receive the funds with the current months pay check.3

 How do I order graduation certificates for my residents and fellows?

Please e-mail the following information to Tiffany Roth:

1. The name of graduating resident or fellow.
2. The program name that the graduating resident or fellow is completing.
3. The dates of the graduating resident or fellow's program.4

 When are educational funds available to residents and fellows?

Initial forms for educational funds are sent to program coordinators in September or October. The forms need to be completed with accounting information (speedtypes) and a description of what the funds will be spent on, then returned to Tiffany Roth​. The funding will be transferred over to the department's account sometime in December.5

 Are the residents and fellows required to log work hours?

The GME Office and all ACGME accredited programs must monitor work hours. However, as of July 1, 2017 residents and fellows are not required to log work hours in MedHub.  In lieu of logging, they must complete a monthly or quarterly work hours survey, which will be emailed to them by GME.  100% survey completion within the 2-week deadline is expected, and aggregated survey data will be provided to Program Directors on a monthly or quarterly basis. Please contact the Residency Management System Administrator with questions. ​ 


 How do I access the Program Letters of Agreement?

Program Letters of Agreement are available online on MedHub.
From your Medhub Homepage click GME Resources and Documents (lower left) and then choose the Templates option.7