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Long Term Disability Insurance

Group Coverage Highlights:

  • Resident pays no premium for this coverage while in training.
  • Plan is offered by the Standard Insurance Company, AM Best A rated company.
  • Monthly disability benefits payable beginning the 91st day of disability.
  • Benefit period to age 65.
  • Monthly benefit levels:
               PGY I & II $3,000
               PGY III & IV $3,500
               PGY V & above $4,000
  • Group-to-individual conversion policy (and increase in coverage) offered to residents completing their CU GME training program.*
For details, please view the Certificate of Coverage​. Please contact GME Benefits Office with questions.​

Conversion Policy Features:

  • True "specialty specific" definition of disability. Tax free benefits payable if unable to perform specialty, even if working in another occupation.
  • $5,000/month or $2,500/month individual tax-free benefit with up to additional $10,000 per month benefit based on financial qualification.
  • Guaranteed issue. No lengthy application or medical exam.* 
  • Substantial premium discount exclusively for GME Residents and Fellows. Up to 50% reduction in rates.  
  • Partial/residual disability benefits.  Benefit proportional to income loss due to illness or injury.
  • Benefits payable to age 67 and premium remains constant to age 67.
  • Annual cost of living adjustments while disabled. 
  • Optional catastrophic benefit up to an additional $10,000 per month.  
  • Optional student loan rider up to an additional $2,000 per month.   
  •  This benefit may be combined with and will not be reduced by typical, employer-sponsored, group disability plans​. 

Optional In-Program Plan:  It may be possible to obtain a guaranteed issue plan for $1,500/month coverage during training.

*Please be aware that if you choose to apply or have applied for coverage outside of the GME disability program in the past 7 years and that coverage has been postponed or declined by the carrier you will be ineligible to participate in the GME disability conversion program. A 3/12 pre-existing condition provision applies. ​Dental Residents are not eligible for the conversion or optional in-program plan. 

For further information on the conversion policy or in-program plan, contact your GBS representatives: Lynn A. Johnson, ChFC, CLU at 805-750-8438 and Don Bloomfield at 303-889-2656. These are the only representatives authorized by the insurance carrier and GME to provide this conversion product.​

The GME group long-term disability policy is administered by Gallagher Benefit Services (GBS) a professional brokerage/benefits consultation firm under contract with GME. Lynn Johnson is well-versed on the intricacies of the conversion policy. She is available to answer your questions, to compare this policy and outside policies, and to determine how to best serve the needs of the residents, whether during residency, or at program completion. A resident considering any long term disability product is encouraged to speak with Lynn before purchasing individual coverage. Outside individual coverage may affect the amount of the guaranteed-issue policy for which you may be eligible.

Note: This represents highlights for information purposes only. The Master Contract contains all of the controlling provisions of this coverage.