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Housestaff Association of the University of Colorado Hospitals

The Organization That Represents You, the Houseofficer

Housestaff Association
Committee Representation

Graduate Medical Education Committees: 

Graduate Medical Education Committee

Eliza Moskowitz, MD 

Brandon Pope, MD

Christina Osborne, MD 

Kyle Leggott, MD

Miranda Merrill, MD

Alison Halpern, MD

GME Exec Advisory Committee                         

Eliza Moskowitz, MD

Brandon Pope, MD

GME Affiliated Hospitals Steering Committee


Eliza Moskowitz, MD

Brandon Pope, MD


GME Health Benefits Governing Board




GME Residency Bonus Steering Committee


Keith Hazleton, MD

Jack Gende, DO

Jenna Peart, MD  (Alt)


Mirana Merrill, MD

Jenna Bodmer, MD

School of Medicine Committees:

SOM Executive Committee


Alumni Association Board


Faculty Resilience Council

Michael Regner, MD

Emily Southard, MD

Ali Russell, MD

Taylor Slingsby, MD

Johnathon Blake, MD

Alisa Malki, MD

Miranda Merrill, MD 

University of Colorado Denver Committees:

Quality & Professional Peer Review

Leslie Robinson, MD

Eliza Moskowitz, MD

Trust Advisory Board



Antasia Giebler, MD

Joseph Raycroft, MD

University of Colorado Hospital Committees:
UCH Medical Board

Michael Regner, MD

Brandon Pope, MD

UCH Ethics Committee


Zachary Macchi, MD

Helena Winston, MD


UCH Infection Control Committee

Julie Hastings, MD 

Dan Wandsneider, DO

UCH Clinical Effectiveness & Patient Safety


Jakob Mrozewski, MD


UCH Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee