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Amy Nordon-Craft, PT, DSc

Core Faculty

Assistant Professor

(303) 724-8433

Professional Qualifications

 Teaching Responsibilities

Spring Semester

DPTR 5001: Neuroscience Lab Assistant

DPTR 5301: Medical Conditions I Lab Assistant

DPTR 6503: Neuromuscular III Lab Assistant

DPTR 6702: Differential Diagnosis Lab Assistant

Summer Semester

DPTR 6501: Neuromuscular I Lab Assistant


 Research and Scholarship Interests

Funded Grant Activity

Knebl J (PI). Reynolds Interprofessional Geriatrics Education and Training in Texas Programs. Funded July -December 2013. Role: coordination of physical therapy students into the interprofessional aspects of geriatrics education.

Nordon-Craft A (PI), Schwarz BB, Bugnariu N. Teaching Physical Therapy Students Acute Care Cardiopulmonary Competencies through Problem Based Learning and High Fidelity Human Simulations. Funded July 1, 2013-2014.

Moss M(PI)Schenkman M,Quan D,Nordon-Craft A. The diagnosis and treatment of critical illness polyneuromyopathy in patients with acute respiratory failure. Submitted to National Institute Nursing Research November 5, 2008. Funded: July 1, 2009-2011. Role: ensure the fidelity of hte physical therapy intervention, develop protocols and adherence manual, oversight of physical therapy intervention

Other Research and Scholarly Activity

Nordon-Craft A, Benson A, Luby D, Unfunded Pilot Project: Physical therapy and neuromuscular disease in ICU. Feb 2008- March 2009.

Nordon-Craft A, Bookstein N, Schenkman M, Jankowski K, Unfunded Dissertation: Effects of cancer treatments on balance in women with stage I, II or IIIA breast cancer. Completed September 2009


 Publications (within the last five years)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Liu H, Holmes V, Nordon-Craft A, Reeves R. Variation of Sternalis Muscle: a case report. Int J Anatomical Variations. 2012.

Nordon-Craft A, Moss M, Quan D, Schenkman M. Intensive Care Unit-Acquired Weakness. Phys Ther 2012;92:1494-1506.

Nordon-Craft A, Schenkman M, Ridgeway K, Benson A, Moss M. Physical therapy management and patient outcomes following ICU-acquired weakness: a case series. J Neurol Phys Ther. 2011 Sep;35(3):133-40.

Hodgin KE, Nordon-Craft A, Mealer ML, Moss M. Physical therapy utilization in intensive care units: results from two national surveys. Crit Care Med. 2009;37:561-568.