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Learn NOW from the CU Physical Therapy Clinical Education Site for Instructors

Looking for tools to help you with evidence-based practice (EBP)?  
On this page you will find video modules, published articles relevant to clinical practice and mentoring, topics on EBP, and tools that can provide you with ways to manage aspects of your students’ clinical education and your patients. 


Student Contribution Projects in the Clinic

Includes a brief slide show with some new perspectives on how to approach student contribution projects in the clinic, which are required for all of our clinical experiences. Is there an ongoing Quality Improvement project that the staff hasn't had time to complete? Do you need assistance getting the APTA Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) completed? These are just a couple of alternative ideas that are presented here to complement the traditional idea of student inservices. In addition, you will find a "Project Brainstorming" form for staff to add ideas to as needs are identified.

Using Functional Outcomes Measures

Two short video modules by program faculty on selecting appropriate outcomes measures and implementing them in your clinical practice.

Five Minute Tutorial on Answering Clinical Questions with Evidence

This 5-minute online tutorial by Amy Nordon-Craft, PT, DSc, explains how you can integrate literature searching into your clinical practice.

Did you See This?

Student Scientific Inquiry Summaries

After identifying topics of interest, our 3rd year PT students composed summaries of the evidence on their topics, each only 1-2 pages long. Reading these is a quick way to catch up on what the literature says. Topics include: