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Learn NOW from the CU Physical Therapy Clinical Education Site for Instructors

Clinical Resources

 Online Learning Modules - Learn about the ICF Model, Using Outcomes Measures in your Clinical Practice and more

ICF Model

Functional Limitations and Disabilities are yesterday's news. This will get you up to date on ICF Model terminology and how students are learning to apply it. Click here to view a 4-minute video module on how students are learning to apply the ICF model to clinical reasoning.

Are You Speaking the Same Language as Your Student?

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Using Functional Outcomes Measures

Two short video modules by program faculty on selecting appropriate outcomes measures and implementing them in your clinical practice. Click here to watch a 5-minute video module on how you can easily incorporate standardized outcomes measures in your clinic.

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 Evidence Based Practice Modules – Everything you need to know to incorporate evidence into your practice

​Links for Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Modules: 

The modules on this page provide a great review of the principles of EBP to help you critically review and search the literature.  Different types of studies are introduced as well as a review of psychometric properties such as effect size, sensitivity, specificity, odds and likelihood ratios and number-needed-to-treat (NNT).

Contained within 14 individual modules, the course on Evidence Practice lasts for 6.5 hours. The modules consist of video lectures by Dr. Katrina Maluf.

  1. Introduction to Evidence Based Physical Therapy Practice (~31 min
  2. Basics of Measurement (~ 37 min)
  3. Statistical Conclusion Validity (~ 8 min)
  4. Construct Validity (~ 16 min)
  5. External Validity (~ 20 min)
  6. Internal Validity (~ 27 min)
  7. Experimental and Observational Study Designs (~ 33 min)
  8. Asking Searchable Questions (~21 min)
  9. Online Databases and Search Engines (~28min)
  10. Searching and Evaluating the Literature for Clinical Tests and Measures (~55min)
  11. Searching and Evaluating the Literature for Interventions (~36 min)
  12. Searching and Evaluating the Literature for Prognosis (~21 min)
  13. Implementation of Region Specific Functional Outcome Measures in an Orthopedic Clinic (~17 min)
  14. Sequential Clinical Trials, Single Subject Designs, & Case Reports (~37 min)
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 Patient Management Track Course Readings

 Did you see this? Relevant Articles and Information for Clinical Education and Clinical Practice

 Student Projects – resources to assist students in completing their contribution to your clinic

Student Contribution Projects in the Clinic

Includes a brief slide show with some new perspectives on how to approach student contribution projects in the clinic, which are required for all of our clinical experiences. Is there an ongoing Quality Improvement project that the staff hasn't had time to complete? Do you need assistance getting the APTA Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) completed? These are just a couple of alternative ideas that are presented here to complement the traditional idea of student inservices. In addition, you will find a "Project Brainstorming" form for staff to add ideas to as needs are identified.


 Library Resources

​Resources available to our CIs at the Health Sciences Library (HSL) can be found here, including information about the different databases available to PTs, free classes on campus at the HSL, and contacts that can assist you with your search.  LEARN MORE6