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July 15-16, 2016: APTA Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program

The Advanced Clinical Instructor Credentialing Program brings two constructs together in one professional development program that advances both clinical teaching and best practice when providing student clinical education. Using a case-based and interactive approach to education, this program will provide participants with the essential knowledge and skill to more effectively teach and mentor students in the context of a doctoring profession. Through the program’s unique philosophy and design, best outcomes will be achieved for student learning.

Eligibility: Physical Therapists who are APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructors and who have had at least one student since completing the credentialing program.


At completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

1. CIs will be able to teach using pedagogical methods that enable learners with patients/clients to integrate more complex concepts by demonstrating.

·         Consistent application of professional standards and regulations in clinical education. Six elements of Vision 2020, professionalism, evidenced-based practice in a consistent and clinically relevant manner.

·         Correct use of the patient/client management model.

·         Professional communication in clinical practice including documentation.

·         Clinical decision making using patient values, professional skills, and the best available evidence.

2. CIs will be more effective and efficient practitioners and clinical teachers by:

·         Advancing clinical teaching concepts.

·         Modeling, integrating, and promoting behaviors that are congruent with and reflective of the six elements of Vision 2020 and the core values.

·         Synthesizing information from APTA, FSBPT, CAPTE, and State and Federal regulations.

·         Demonstrating best practice in documentation.

·         Applying the Patient/client management model, evidenced-based practice, clinical decision-making approaches and professional ethics in every day practice.

Living the philosophy of lifelong learning​