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Meet the Team

Current Students at CU Physical Therapy


Marquette Team 2016-17.png 

Co-Coordinators: Benjamin Black and Nick Williams

Marketing: Brooke Milliet and Thomas Clemens

Fundraising Coordinator: Meagan Swisher

Registration: Andrea Stump

Food/Donations Coordinators: Zach Davis, Alice Barnes, and John (Jack) Lewis (not pictured)

Technology: Shiyang (Jess) Fu


Marquette Team 2016-17.png 

Food/Donations Coordinators Megan Jaeckel, Chelsea Boyd, Callan Curtis
Fundraising CoordinatorKatie Robeson
Event and Printing Coordinators - Corey Rovzar and Marie Dreher
Marketing Beth Wood
RegistrationKristen Townsend
Technology - Kevin McHugh


Marquette Team 2016-17.png

Back Row from left to right: Carol Baym, Elodie Kruk, Emily Osga, Richelle Reynoso, Paige Williams
Front Row from left to right: Mattie Dornback, Stephanie Kerbel, Sameera Sangvhi

Food/Donations Coordinators Sameera Sanghvi, Stephanie Kerbal, and Emily Osga
Fundraising CoordinatorElodie Kruk, Paige Williams
Event and Printing Coordinators - Mattie Dornback, Carol Baym
Marketing Richelle Reynoso
RegistrationSierra Hill


Pictured from left to right:
Deanna Maurer - APTA Rep, Marketing
Melanie Bickerton - Administration
Leah Mulvaney - Administration
Jacki Roby - Communications
Derya Anderson - Fundraising and Communications
Amanda Warren - Fundraising and Administration
Kylie Bauman - Administration
Not pictured:
Sarah Burkhardt - Administration
Jamie Parsons - Marketing and Fundraising


Sara Avni - Fundraising and Administration
Cynthia Huang - Lecture Coordinator
Alyssa Johnson - Fundraising and Administration
Minda Morris - Marketing
Kristin Overton - Marketing


Zach Overgaard – Lecture Coordinator
Lilianna Morales - Marketing
Matthew Pomeroy - Fundraising
Mackenzie Wallace - Administration​