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Current Student Scholarships

Scholarships for current students recognize individuals based on academic and clinical excellence, involvement in professional activities and financial need. Scholarship timelines and application processes will be provided to students in regularly scheduled Program Updates throughout the year.

National Western Stock Show Association Scholarship Trust

The National Western Stock Show was established in 1906 and is one of the premier livestock, rodeo, and horse shows in the nation.  The National Western Stock Show Association is committed to providing education in agriculture including graduate level scholarships for practice physical therapy in rural areas.
First year physical therapy students in the University of Colorado Physical Therapy (CU PT) Program intending to practice physical therapy in rural Colorado or Wyoming for 3 years post-graduation are considered for this scholarship. The application for this scholarship includes written and interview portions.

Herbert J. and Sandy Levy Endowed Memorial Scholarship Award

This scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates a consistent commitment to the profession of physical therapy and to the CU Physical Therapy Program. This individual demonstrates honorable actions and thoughts, generosity toward others, meritorious academic status and have circumstances of financial need.

Physical Therapy Rural Scholarship Fund

Patrick A. Grant, a grateful former patient from Denver, Colorado, former CEO and President and active board member of the National Western Stock Show Association, initiated this fund in the fall of 1997.  The intent of the fund is to help defray tuition and expenses of physical therapy students who have an interest in practicing in rural Colorado or Wyoming upon graduation while recognizing and promoting awareness of the excellence of the CU PT Program. There are two scholarships awarded annually.  The scholarships are given during a rural clinical affiliation. Applications for this scholarship are evaluated based on interest in practicing in rural Colorado or Wyoming upon graduation as well as GPA, financial need, and leadership skills.

University of Colorado Medicine Scholarships

University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) provides generous scholarships for the CU PT Program students. Each of the scholarships is awarded to selected students who demonstrate academic and clinical excellence, involvement in professional activities and circumstances of financial need.
These professional activities may include leadership, research, volunteer, service, and APTA activities. Students receive application instructions near the end of their first year in the CU PT Program.

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) Scholarship

Two scholarships are offered to offset costs to attend CSM.  Scholarships are awarded to students in the second-year class who have maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher and are members of the APTA. The awardees for this scholarship are chosen by lottery during the fall semester prior to CSM. The awardees create a presentation, summarizing what they learned at CSM, to all classes of the Physical Therapy Program.


Richard D. Krugman Award

The Physical Therapy Program third-year class annually selects a recipient for the Richard D. Krugman Award. Richard D. Krugman, MD, served as Dean of the University of Colorado School of Medicine for 24 years. Fondly known as the “Dean of deans” across the nation, Dr. Krugman established this award to honor an individual who portrays the spirit of service to individuals and the community, fostering caring and quality of life for people at all levels of society. This individual, chosen by peers, is compassionate toward others, creates connections and values ongoing innovation. The recipient of this award mirrors Dr. Krugman’s leadership through excellence, integrity and high quality work.