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Phase I and II

Phase I and II, Essentials Core, provides the scientific foundation for the students' further medical education.  By the end of Phase II, MSTP students complete the pre-clinical medical school requirements, two years of the Foundations of Doctoring course, the core graduate course requirements for most training Programs, the Graduate Preliminary Exam, National Boards Part I, two-three laboratory rotations, and the required Medical ethics courses.

Phase I (August to June of the first year)

      • Human Body
      • Molecules to Medicine
      • Disease & Defense
      • Blood & Lymph
      • Cardiovascular, Pulmonary & Renal
      • Graduate Core Course

Phase II (August to April of the second year)

      • Nervous System
      • Metabolism
      • Infectious Disease
      • Life Cycle

Summer Research Rotations

The choice of a research advisor and project is perhaps the most important decision of the
student’s first two years in the program.  The quality of the projects underway in the laboratory, the influence of postdoctoral fellows and other students in the lab, the level of the advisor’s involvement and the character of the advisor’s relationship with the student will help to shape the rotation experience.  Students begin their first required summer rotation after completion of the first year curriculum.  Students complete a second required laboratory rotation after their second year, typically after completing 1-2 third-year clinical rotations.  Students may complete their first rotation in the summer prior to starting Medical School.

The principal purpose of the two rotations is to aid students in selecting a thesis advisor and to provide exposure to a variety of research problems and laboratory techniques.  While rotating, students participate in all lab activities to get an idea of what it will be like to be a member of that particular lab.