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Effective interventions for caregiver distress



Project Description

​Chronic pain, associated with tension-type or migraine headaches in adolescents, is connected to school absences, poorer academic performance, and impaired social functioning at a crucial time in early development. Stress is often a precipitating factor in headache which has been addressed in adults using complementary approaches such as yoga.  Since little is known regarding the effectiveness of yoga in adolescents, the goal of this project is to assess feasibility of a yoga intervention for headache pain management in children ages 13-18 prior to a larger clinical trial.  This intervention has implications for improved well-being, reduced medication use, and enhanced self-control over a debilitating chronic illness.


Our research group has broadly defined interests that include markers of inflammation, neuroendocrine activity, and patient well-being with a focus on the caregiver’s role in survivorship in cancer as well as CAM approaches to improved well-being.   Target populations include mothers in the perinatal period, young disadvantaged children in early head start, adolescents with chronic headache, children and adults with cancer and their caregivers.

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Laudenslager, Mark

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Area of Study

Child-Maternal Health and Reproductive Sciences; Developmental Neuroscience, Brain and Behavior - Child; Health Care and Public Health Research; Metabolism and Endocrinology; Neuroscience, Brain and Behavior - Adult


Adolescents; Adults; Health Disparities; Native Americans; School-age Children; Women


Behavioral; Chart Review; Clinical Trials; Surveys, Questionnaires, and Psychological Testing

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Basic Human Processes; Cancer; Stress

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