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Madiha Abdel-Maksoud, MD, PhD, MSPH

Associate Director

Leana May, DO, MPH

Mailing Address:
Mail Stop F523
13001 East 17th Place, Rm E1314 
Aurora, Colorado 80045

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Improving Provision of Care in Cape Haitien


Beginning in the summer of 2010, the Global Health Track will be beginning work in Cap Haitien, a town one the northern coast of Haiti. The track’s work, initially, will be looking at two key facets of global health and development, the use of Positive Deviance/Hearth programs to address child malnutrition and examination of non-governmental organization efforts and geographical location.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Positive Deviance/Hearth programs on addressing child malnutrition we will be working with Meds & Food for Kids established in the Cap Haitien area to begin dialogue with local healthcare works and community leaders to asses community needs.

With the influx of non-governmental organizations into Haiti over the last several months, there exists an air of mystery around where organizations are working and what they are trying to achieve through their efforts. We will be querying NGOs and their work in the Cap Haitien area to determine effort overlap or gaps in service.