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Medical Student Education

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Application and Admission

For students entering in August 2012 (class of 2016), the Women’s Health Track is not accepting students—this track option is not available.

Proposed Number of Students per Class: 5 - 8

Application Timing: After Matriculation


Application Process:

Using University e-mail, first year medical students are invited to attend an information session and submit their applications the first week of January. Applications consist of a copy of their higher education transcripts and / or resumes (where applicable) and a one page statement explaining their interest in the track.


Criteria for Selection and Retention of Students:

The formal application process is used largely to screen for genuine student interest and commitment. Applications are reviewed by the Track Director and Steering Committee. Should more than 8 students apply, preference will be given to students who are not participating in other formal Tracks. Once that criterion has been applied, acceptance will be based on a lottery system.

To remain in the Track, students will need to remain in good academic standing throughout the four years of medical school as determined annually by the Track Director and Steering Committee . Students placed on probation by the SOM Student Promotions Committee will be dismissed from the track. Students may withdraw from the Track electively at any time in accordance with institutional drop / add policies.


Will a Related MSA be Required? Yes ​