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Professional Development Curriculum

Several other curricular topics are integrated within the Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum, including Threads sessions, Interprofessional Education sessions, IHI Open School Modules and the Clinical Interlude. 
As in the Essentials Core Blocks, Threads content is integrated into Foundations of Doctoring curricular time.  There are sessions in the Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism (HEP), Medicine and Society (M&S), and Culturally Effective Medicine (CEM) threads.    
Interprofessional Curriculum
You will participate in required interprofessional curriculum along with the other health professions students on campus.  This consists of the Fundamentals of Quality & Collaborative Care modules/sessions.  In these learning activities, you will develop foundational knowledge and skills in effective interprofessional teamwork.  These sessions are incorporated into your FDC schedule and are required aspects of FDC.
IHI Open School
As part of your professional development curriculum in FDC, you are required to complete various Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School modules over the course of Phase I and PhII.
Clinical Interlude
In December after the Essentials Core block curricula has concluded in Phase I, you will spend 1 week exploring the clinical environment both on campus and in the hospital setting.  Your full participation in this week is required and is part of the FDC grade.