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Course Requirements

​Course Requirements

The block starts with a two-day introduction to Obstetrics & Gynecology.  The first hour is the overall orientation to the clerkship where we will review expectations, policies, grading and tips for success.  You will ​receive a specific site orientation during these two days or at your site once you start clinical work.   The remainder of the introduction time will be used to provide interactive presentations on core Ob/Gyn topics and simulation exercises at the CAPE.

There will be a midpoint session at the University.  At this time, everyone will participate in small-group ethics discussions and suture simulation.  A few additional lectures may be provided as well.  At the end of the block, we will administer a NBME shelf examination.​ 

Assessment & Grading

All Clinical Block Directors follow the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine Phase III Student Assessment Policy.

Grades are determined by Block Directors and Grading Committees based on written evaluations of your clinical performance, conversations with supervising physicians, examining scores, project work, direct observation form completions, and professionalism.

All Clinical Block Directors will complete a Final Course Evaluation Report that will include a clinical grade, exam and project scores, RIME scale performance, final grade and a composite of the written comments*. * Positions of evaluators (i.e. resident, faculty). All Clinical Block Coordinators will post the Final Course Evaluation Report to your Canvas account and send to the Office of Student Life via email within 4 weeks of the completion of the block. The following grades can be achieved: Honors (H), High Pass (HP), Pass (P), Fail (F), Interim Pass (IP), Incomplete (I), and Pass with Remediation (PR).

Honors (H)

Student demonstrates advanced level of performance/competency in course requirements.

High Pass(HP)

Student demonstrates above expected level of performance/ competency in course requirements.

Pass (P)

Student demonstrates expected level of performance/ competency in course

Fail (F)

Student does not demonstrate expected level of performance/ competency in
course requirements. 

Pass w/ remediation (PR)

Student demonstrates expected performance/ competency in the course requirements after remediation.

In Progress (IP)

Student is unable to complete requirements for a block due to illness or extenuating experiences.

Incomplete (I)

Student is unable to completed requirements with a less than passing grade at the completion of the block. 

Withdrawal (W)

Student is unable to complete the block before being assigned a final grade and requires approval from Course Director and Assistant or Associate Dean.

All grades remain permanently on your transcript except IP and I, which are replaced with the appropriate grade after you have completed the course. The grade is composed of the following:

There are 2 major components to the final clerkship grade: Clinical and Cognitive Assessments. The Clinical Grade is determined by a grading committee’s review of Clinical Evaluations.

The Cognitive Grade consists of the following: Shelf Exam Score, Ob H&P, Gyn H&P, and Ethics Curriculum.


Clinical Grade


Cognitive Component



Final NBME Shelf Exam (20%)


Gyn H&P (5%)

Ob H&P (5%)

Ethic Curriculum Score (5%)

Participation in CAPE Activities  & Midpoint Session


Patient Learning Logs (Logger)


Direct Observation Forms (6)



Final Clerkship Grades are NORMATIVE. Students must achieve a clinical grade of Honors to qualify for a final grade of Honors. Students must achieve a clinical grade of High Pass to qualify for a final grade of High Pass. Cognitive grades will be calculated including the parameters outlined above. The clinical and cognitive grades will then be combined for the final grade; up to 20% of the students will receive a final grade of Honors and up to 20% will receive a final grade of High Pass.

At the end of the academic year, all grades will be reviewed and some students may be increased to Honors or High Pass to a maximum of 30% in each category, but the total combined assignment of Honors and High Pass cannot exceed 50%.

ALL COMPONENTS of the clerkship must be successfully completed to achieve a passing final clerkship grade.

  • Clinical Assessment by clinical evaluations
  • ​Cognitive Assessment Shelf Exam
  • Direct Observation Forms
  • Ob and Gyn H&Ps
  • Ethics Curriculum
  • ​CAPE Activities & Midpoint Session


Students will be assigned to University Hospital and Denver Health will be assigned to the following rotations: Gynecology, Oncology, OB days, OB Nights, and OB/GYN Clinic.