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Course Requirements

Women’s Care Orientation

All students are required to attend the 2 day Women’s Care Orientation the first two days of the 6 week Women’s Care Clerkship. On the beginning of the first day of Orientation, the Directors and Clerkship Coordinator will give an overview of required assignments, grading and attendance policy, and Procedure Logger requirements. Students will then attend lectures that cover a range of APGO approved topics delivered by faculty, visiting doctors and residents. For lunch on the second day, there is an optional Ovarian Cancer Survivor’s luncheon. Students sign up to attend the lecture prior to Orientation. Lunch will be provided to students who attend while ovarian cancer survivors open a discussion about their personal experiences with ovarian cancer. On the second day of Orientation, students will be assigned to small groups with faculty facilitators to discuss ethical dilemmas within medical care as a part of the required ethics assignment. Students will be given required readings the first day of Orientation for these discussions.

Ethics Assignment Goals and Objectives

    • Use Curriculum and Template from Biomedical Ethics studies in MS Year I and II to examine clinical issues in Ob-Gyn.
      • Review the epidemiology of abortion and unintended pregnancy in the United States.
      • Use ethical analysis to discuss professional legal and ethical obligations and choices regarding management of the patient considering abortion.
      • Review the ethical and legal rights of the fetus in relation to the mother in Obstetric Care decisions.
      • Recognize the cultural variation which can occur, in practitioners and patients, in the evaluation and discussion of Obstetric and Gynecologic ethical dilemmas.
      • Provide safe environment for discussion of difficult values differences among students and practitioners.
    • On the first day of the Women’s Care Orientation students are given the following required readings for the first part of the ethics assignment:
      • ACOG Committee Opinion #390; December, 2007; Ethical Decision Making in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
      • ACOG Committee Bulletin #214. Patient choice in the maternal-fetal relationship. ACOG 2004.
      • Colorado Law summary (from Center for Bioethics)
        • C.R.S. § 12-37.5-104 Notification about Abortion
        • C.J.I. 15:7-9 (2003) Physician Battery
      • Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States;
      • Facts on Induced Abortion Worldwide;
      • An Overview of Abortion Laws; January, 2008;
    • Students are required to read these articles to prepare for the small group session on the morning of the second day of Orientation. The small groups are pre-assigned and facilitated by faculty members.
    • The second part of the Ethics curriculum is a written assignment; designed to allow students to utilize understanding of ethical dilemmas and analysis developed during the Ethical Decision Making Course completed in MS years I and II. Students must write about a clinical or professional experience they encountered during Women’s Care which has lead to an ethical dilemma.

History and Physicals

Students are required to submit two H&P write ups during the course of the clerkship: One should involve an OB patient and the second on a patient with a GYN related issue.


Students are required to take a written Shelf Exam and Standardized Patient Exam on the last day of the Women’s Care Clerkship.

Mid Rotation Reviews

Students are required to turn in the Mid Rotation Review evaluation form and the T-RES report logger.