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University of Colorado Hospital

Reporting Information for IDPT 7050

General Surgery Site Preceptor: Thomas A. Whitehill, MD
General Surgery Site Coordinator: Janice Frary 303-724-2681

Anesthesia Site Preceptor: Alison Brainard, MD
Anesthesia Site Coordinator: Kathy Riggs, 303-724-1765

Pagers: Please give your pager number to your preceptor/chief resident. 

Hospital ID Badge: All students should have a UCH ID Badge and inner and outer door, ER, OR, and Leprino call room access.  If you have problems with access during this course, check with the hospital ID Access office in the Leprino Building, Room 9-020, 303-848-8356. If you continue to have problems, please notify Janice Frary at 303-724-2681.

Surgical Scrubs: Hospital scrubs are available through the scrub dispensing units in the AOP and AIP.  Scrub access is added to all third year medical student badges during Transitions Week.  If you have problems with the scrub machines, contact Sarah Lorenz at 720-848-6637 (pager 303-266-9211) or go to Environmental Services in the Leprino Building, Room 9-020.  The University of Colorado Hospital policy is to dispense two sets of scrubs at a time to a student.

Electronic Medical Records Access: If you have problems logging into EPIC, call the Help Desk at 720-848-4000.

Parking: University of Colorado Hospital does not have separate parking for students. You may use the parking options provided by the University of Colorado Denver for its Anschutz Medical Campus. You can buy temporary parking access for a week at a time ($10/week for students). The access is loaded onto your school ID.  Arrangements need to be made at the Parking Office, Building 500, First Floor, one day in advance. Parking Office phone number is 303-724-2555.

Sleep rooms: Located on the 4th floor of the Leprino Building, north of AIP. The ID scanner is located at the north end of the hallway that runs along the west boundary of the sleep room area. Four sleep rooms are identified as “medical student/hotel space” rooms: #437 Sleep Room 30, #438 Sleep Room 31, #439 Sleep Room 32 and #440 Sleep Room 33. A locker is provided in each room, but you will need your own lock. 

Lockers: Available in the northwest corner on the first floor of the AIP, room #1.2331. Get the access code from one of the coordinators. There are always many lockers available, but you must provide your own lock.

Study Rooms: Every computer at UCH is directly linked to the UC Denver Health Sciences Library . You can also access the library by clicking the link on the UCH iAmaze Home page, then look for Clinical Resources, External Resources, and then Health Sciences Library. A Faculty/Medical Student Lounge is located on the first floor of the AOP, adjacent to the Outpatient Radiology Department, room #OP-1602. It has six computers, a printer, a refrigerator, and comfortable chairs. Punch in 4444* to access the lounge.

Anesthesiology has a small library on the 2nd floor of AO1. Off the elevators, go to the far south hallway. The room is the first through the doorway on the right. Computers, a printer, study space, and anesthesia library materials are available.