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Department of Surgery Dress Code

Reference: General Surgery Resident Handbook


Physicians need to develop habits of conduct that are perceived by patients as signs of trustworthiness. Every physician should exhibit sensitivity, compassion, integrity and professionalism. Habits displaying these traits cannot be developed overnight but must be nurtured over a long time. Therefore, the following principles of conduct are suggested for medical students/residents/faculty activities through the Department of Surgery.

The physician should be well groomed.

The physician should be dressed in a conservative style and in a manner that is not regarded as controversial.

For men: A shirt, tie, slacks, conventional shoes or loafers and a clean, white laboratory coat are well accepted. Suits and sport coats are preferred by some members of the surgical faculty and are acceptable alternatives.

For women: The options are more varied, but should be regarded as non-controversial. Again, a clean, white laboratory coat is well accepted.

Operating room scrub clothing may be worn outside the operative room suite only when covered by a clean, white laboratory coat and under the following circumstances:

    1. Between closely following OR cases (however, scrub clothing should be changed when re-entering the operating room)
    2. At night
    3. When on-call for trauma
    4. When doing a rotation in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, or Burn Unit.