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Major teaching sites

We are fortunate to have 6 major teaching sites. All sites have had outstanding (greater than 4.0 on a 5 point Likert scale) site evaluations by students for many years. The hospitals and the patient populations served by them are described below:

Denver Health (DH)
As a large public hospital, patients with severe and often late presentations of illness from around the world and locally present to this hospital designed to care for the underserved. Students are vital members of a team consisting of an attending, a resident, 3 interns, and one or more sub-intern.

Exempla Saint Joseph’s​ Hospital (ESJH)
ESJH is a private hospital admitting Kaiser managed care and private patients with generally common medical illnesses. Teams consist of private and teaching faculty, residents and interns from the ESJH residency program, and sub-interns from UCD.

Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Medical Center (PSL)
PSL is a private hospital with a highly motivated teaching faculty of hospital-based physicians, who work on a team with residents and interns from the UCD Department of Medicine. Students admit community patients with common medical illnesses and co-manage them with both their teaching team (teaching attending, resident, interns and often a sub-intern) and private attendings.

St. Mary’s Hospital
St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center is a private hospital located in Grand Junction, admitting community and regional referral patients with common and often unusual medical illnesses from a disparate population base. The service at St. Mary’s is hospitalist-run, consisting of a hospital-based teaching attending and occasionally a family medicine resident from the St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

University of Colorado Hospital/AIP (UCH)
University Hospital is a tertiary care as well as community hospital. Patients have both common and unusual medical conditions. Students are an integral member of the medical team, which will generally consist of an attending, a resident, one or two interns and often a sub-intern.

Veteran’s Affairs Hospital (VA)
The VA cares for a primarily male population with multiple common and severe medical illnesses. Again, students are key members of a medical team that includes an attending, a resident, two interns and frequently a sub-intern.

Each third year student will be assigned to two different hospitals. Because of the greater level of patient responsibility, students will spend at least one of the months at DHMC, UCH or the VAMC