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Contact Info:

Christopher King, MD
Block Director


Adam Trosterman, MD
Advising Contact

Phone: (720) 848-6327

Angie Duet
Course Coordinator


Department of Medicine-Education Office
Academic Office 1, room 8505
12631 E. 17th Ave., B166
Aurora, Colorado 80045

Phone: (303) 724-1790

Fax: (303) 724-1799


Assessment and Grading

Overview of Grading: The student’s clerkship grade includes the following components:

  • Clinical Grade 65%
  • Written Exam 15%
  • TBL Sessions  15%
  • Professionalism 5% 

Clinical Grade: The clerkship director will review all medical student evaluation forms for inconsistencies and appropriateness of ratings. Evaluations which appear to be incongruent with the student’s expected level of performance (either better or worse) will be discussed with the evaluator (attending or resident) and changes in the evaluation will be made as dictated by that discussion.

Ultimately, the clerkship director reserves the right to assign the final grade based on all the information available. This grade will not be dictated solely by the clinical evaluation form ratings, but rather will include a broad assessment of a student’s achievement on all the required competencies described in the clerkship description.

The weighting of the evaluations is as follows:

  • Attending: 50%
  • Resident 33%
  • Intern 17% 

Written Exam: We use the NBME Internal Medicine Shelf Examination. Students must achieve a score of 59 or higher in order to pass the written exam.  You must achieve the national mean or better on the exam in order to qualify for a grade of Honors.

Team-Based Learning Sessions:  TBL comprises 15% of the overall HAC grade.  This 15% consists of the following:

  • 5%:  Cumulative iRAT score
  • 5%:  Cumulative tRAT score
  • 5%:  Completion of peer feedback through New Innovations
Professionalism: Five percent of your overall grade will be tied to professional behavior throughout the clerkship. This includes being on time to all required sessions (TBL, orientations, etc.), submitting all requirements on time including your 2 H&P write ups and your mid-point requirements, and working professionally within the hospital and with the clerkship leadership. If for any reason students do not fulfill the professionalism requirements or are otherwise deemed to have had unprofessional behavior during the clerkship, this 5% will be taken away at the discretion of the clerkship director and coordinator. 

Grading Committee: At the end of the block, a committee from the Department translates the combined evaluation into a grade. This committee consists of the clerkship director, representatives of affiliated hospital sites and the chief medical residents. A grade of Honors is awarded to approximately the top 20% of students. A description of the grades follows:

H-Student demonstrates advanced level of performance/ competency in course requirements
HP-Student demonstrates above expected level of performance/ competency in course requirements
P- Student demonstrates expected level of performance/ competency in course requirements
F- Student does not demonstrate expected level of performance/ competency in course requirements.
PR-Student demonstrates expected performance/ competency in the course requirements after remediation.
IP- Student is unable to complete requirements for a block due to illness or extenuating experiences
I – Student is unable to completed requirements with a less than passing grade at the completion of the block.

All grades remain permanently on the student’s transcript except IP and I, which are replaced with the appropriate grade after the student has completed the course.

Appeals Policy: We make every effort to ensure that your evaluation is fair and accurate. Students who believe there is an error in their grade calculation or comments may submit a written appeal via email to the course director within three weeks of receiving their final grade explaining why they believe their grade is unfair. All appeals will be reviewed by the course director and final decision will be made within 8 weeks of the submission. 

Grade Submission: Student assessments will be available/ submitted no later than 4 weeks after the course is completed.

See SOM Clerkship Grading Policy for details.