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Internal Medicine Advising

Students who are considering a residency in Internal Medicine, unsure about their future residency choice, or a preliminary year in Internal Medicine, should contact Adam Trosterman, MD, Director of Student Advising, Department of Medicine (720) 848-6327. 

It is our desire that you choose the right specialty FOR YOU and we recognize that most, if not all, students will experience some confusion when choosing an area of specialty. Such a discussion will have absolutely NO impact on your future chances of matching in Internal Medicine or matching at University of Colorado Hospital for residency.

After an initial meeting with Dr. Trosterman, a residency advisor will be assigned to students applying to three-year internal medicine residency training programs. Our Student Advising Group consists of specific faculty memb​ers who are responsible for advising students regarding their residency application. These advisors have served on our Internship Selection Committee and are familiar with internal medicine training programs around the country. Advisors will:

  • Discuss material ranking the quality and difficulty for acceptance in internal medicine training programs around the country
  • Correlate this information with the student's academic records
  • Make recommendations for specific internships based on student's academic records and other factors or needs of the students such as geographic choice
  • Write the Departmental (Chairman's) letter. The departmental letter is an evaluative letter, which focuses on the student's performance in internal medicine. This counts as one of the required letters of recommendation.


Eva Aagaard, M.D. 303-724-1789
Dan Bessesen, M.D. 303-436-5910
Lisa Cyran, M.D. ​303-837-7878
Brian Dwinnel, M.D. ​303-869-2268
Jennifer Dorosz, M.D. ​303-724-2104
Mark Geraci, M.D. 303-315-7507
Stuart Linas, M.D. 303-436-5905
Fred Masoudi, M.D. 303-436-5499
Rick Miranda, M.D. 303-839-6253
Adam Trosterman, M.D. 720-848-4289
Kelly White, M.D.
Brian Wolfe, M.D.
Some students may wish to speak with a confidential advisor. These faculty members do not write Department Letters, but do have a strong interest in students and an understanding of residency selection around the country. Please feel free to contact these people directly:
Andy Fine, M.D. 303-703-8583
Jeannette Guerrasio, M.D. 303-266-1889 pgr.
Rita Lee, M.D.

303-266-6267 pgr.


Students who plan to apply for internship in internal medicine should do a medicine or hospital medicine sub-internship. A subinternship in medicine during the summer or early fall of your fourth year may help us to predict your performance in such an internship more confidently and thus to provide you with a more positive endorsement. The Department recommends sub-internships in Medicine in the fourth year as excellent preparation for internship in all disciplines (e.g., internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology) and is likely to decrease the stress of an internship. Senior electives on internal medicine subspecialty services are also recommended.