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Programs Used for Online Evaluations

New Innovations

The link to New Innovations is:

    • New Innovations (NI) is used to evaluate curriculum across all phases of the curriculum.

    • In Phase I and II, students will use it to evaluate all aspects of the curriculum: Essential Core blocks and Longitudinal Core Curriculum -- Foundations of Doctoring (FDC), Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA), and Threads such as Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism (HEP), Culturally Effective Medicine (CEM), Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), and Medicine and Society (M&S) threads.  Students evaluate the blocks/sessions, the lecturers, and the small group facilitators of each curricular area.  
    • In Phase III and IV, students will evaluate faculty, residents, courses and sites in clerkships and subinternship.  In addition, students will be assessed by clinical instructors in NI.  
    • Students are also assessed in New Innovation by their FDC preceptors and by the facilitators of their Clinical Psychiatry small groups (during CVPR, NS, DEMS).  

    • The Institution Login is "cugme."
    • Your default username and password are your first initial and last name (for example, Frank Smith would be fsmith). You can (and should) change your password after you login to NI.


The link to CoursEval is:

    • CoursEval is sometimes used to evaluate parts of the curriculum, such as electives, such as LEADS. 
    • Your username and password are the same as you use to access your student portal or University email.