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Goals and Objectives

Blocks, Clerkships, Courses, Threads

Blood & Lymph
IDPT 5003Phase I
Cardiothoracic Surg Sub I
SURG 8008Phase IV
Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Renal Systems
IDPT 5005Phase I
Community and Primary Care
IDPT 7070Phase III
Critical Care St Joseph's Sub-I
MEDS 8034Phase IV
Culture, Health, Equity, and Society
CHES-ThreadPhase All
Digestion, Metabolic, Endocrine Systems
IDPT 6002Phase II
Disease & Defense
IDPT 5004Phase I
Emergency Care
IDPT 7031Phase III
Evidence Based Medicine and Informatics
EBM-threadPhase All
Fam Med Univ Hosp Sub-I
FMMD 8002Phase IV
First Course
SOM FCPre-Matriculation
Fort Collins Family Med Sub-I
FMMD 8023Phase IV
Foundations of Doctoring I
IDPT 5000Phase I
Foundations of Doctoring II
IDPT 6000Phase II
Foundations of Doctoring III
IDPT 7000Phase III
Gen Surg DHMC Sub-I
SURG 8001Phase IV
Gen Surg St Joseph's Sub-I
SURG 8002Phase IV
Gen Surg Univ Sub-I
SURG 8000Phase IV
General Gynecology Sub-I
OBGY 8001Phase IV
General Obstetrics Sub-I
OBGY 8000Phase IV
Gynecologic Oncology Sub-I
OBGY 8005Phase IV
High Risk Maternal/Fet Sub-I
OBGY 8004Phase IV
Hospital Medicine Sub-I
MEDS 8002Phase IV
Hospitalized Adult Care
IDPT 7010Phase III
Human Body
IDPT 5001Phase I
Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism
HEP-ThreadPhase All
Infant, Child and Adolescent Care
IDPT 7020Phase III
Infectious Disease
IDPT 6004Phase II
Integrated Clincians Course II
IDPT 7002Phase III
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