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Certified CME Activities


  1. Contact the office of CME to review and discuss the proposed activity
  2. Complete a Pre-Application questionnaire including information regarding the planning committee
  3. If the Pre-Application meets the criteria for certified CME, you will be provided with an Activity Development Application
  4. Complete the Activity Development Application, sign and submit it with the requested documentation to the office of CME
    •Activity applications should be submitted 9-12 months prior to the activity start date
    •Each application will undergo a review process by the Associate Dean for CME and may take up to 4 weeks to process (if additional support information is needed or changes are requested)
    •Support documentation includes: Preliminary Budget, Preliminary Agenda/Schedule, support data for practice gap and needs assessment documentation.
    •A service fee will be collected upon approval of the application



CME Activity Categories

1. Live Activities

    • Conferences
    • Workshops
    • Seminars 
    • Regularly Scheduled Conferences
    • Journal Clubs
    • Live Internet Webinars
    • Learning from Teaching

2. Enduring Materials

    • Monographs, Podcasts, CD-ROMs, DVDs
    • Archived Webinars
    • Other Web-based activities

3. Journal-based CME Activities

4. Test-item Writing Activities

5. Manuscript Review Activities

6. PI CME Activities

7. Internet Point-of-Care Activities

CME Training Materials

Policies and Procedures

The following Policies and Procedures are available to you as you plan your CME activity.