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Educational Support, Grants and Exhibits

The Office of CME follows the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, the ACCME Commercial Support Policies and the University of Colorado's Policy to Limit Conflicts of Interest Between Health Care Professionals and Industry Representatives.

Please review and familiarize yourself with both policies before soliciting educational support.

If your activity has a grantor please complete the Letter of Agreement (LOA).  It must be signed by the grantor, the OCME and the University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine's Controller Office.

If you are a commercial company and you are not able to use our LOA, please read the following information carefully.

Please be certain that your LOA does not contain the following information. The Office of CME will not be able to approve, nor forward to the University’s Director of Accounting, any LOA with this wording and/or paragraphs. Because of state fiscal rules and other legal/regulatory constraints, the University cannot agree to:

  • Indemnification paragraphs
  • Paragraphs subjecting the University to the laws of another state
  • Arbitration/Mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution paragraphs