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The CAPE is proud of its work. From education to assessment, we deliver the highest quality product for clients seeking diverse capacities and needs.

Our services are available to any and all users for the purpose of educational and assessment activities.

Our efforts fundamentally focus on maintaining and improving knowledge, skills and behaviors. Content areas of particular strength include communication skills between clients, patients, and providers of all kinds, at all levels. We also work on team communication efforts, particularly in acute and stressful situations. We have a strong teaching associate program that promotes the development and ongoing excellence of physical examination and diagnostic skills. We have a strong cadre of experienced standardized patients who can perform anything from improvisation to very specific and repetitive cases. They can complete checklists in highly valid and reliable ways and give constructive, thoughtful feedback.

Additional capacities include helping learners with ethical development, cultural humility and competence and clinical reasoning.

We also provide assessment and remediation services to help the learner at any level with specific needs.

See who is currently working with the CAPE here.

Learn more about specific CAPE services here.

Thank you for considering the CAPE in achieving your educational and assessment goals for your learners.