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Presentation Formats

For the Education Scholarship & Innovation Symposium

Poster Presentation

Posters will be grouped by theme and presentations will be led by a moderator, who will stimulate discussion and move participants from poster to poster. Poster presenters will have 5 mins to present, followed by 5 mins for questions from the moderator and those who have gathered to hear posters. Light snacks will be served during the poster session. 

Poster mounting boards will be provided. The boards are 4'x8', and poster presenters are welcome to print any size of poster that will fit within those dimensions. If presenters are using their poster at another conference, you are encouraged to print the dimensions for that conference and use it at the Symposium, as long as it will fit within the 4'x8' mounting board.

Options for printing posters:

Oral Presentations

Presented in PechaKucha style, where oral presenters will be limited to 20 slides that advance every 20 seconds. There’s no “next slide” or “go back one, please” moment – you have to keep going forward! For a full description of PechaKucha, please see:

Some examples of PechaKucha presentations may be found online:

Tips for presenters can be found at this online blog​.
If you need help on setting your presentation to auto-advance every 20 seconds, follow these steps: 
Step 1 - Select the slide that has the transition that you want to modify.
Step 2 - On the Transitions tab, in the Timing group, in the Advance box, type 20 seconds. ​
Alternatively, watch this YouTube video (start at 2:24 to focus on how to set transitions in PowerPoint).