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Judith G. Regensteiner, PhD, Advances Women’s Health through Research and Resource Alignment

Dr. Regensteiner Recently Named Chair of the Women in Medicine and Science Committee

Dr. Judy Regensteiner
When it comes to health research, a disparity exists. Women’s health is understudied, leaving unanswered questions surrounding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that impact women’s health. Judith G. Regensteiner, PhD, intends to see that changed.
As co-founder and current director of the Center for Women’s Health Research, Dr. Regensteiner is making an impact by aligning researchers, resources and the community. Dr. Regensteiner and her colleagues conduct key research on women’s health and sex differences while mentoring the next generation of researchers. Educating both the public and health care providers about women’s health and sex differences is also a key component of the work.
Dr. Regensteiner was recently chosen to be chair of the Women in Medicine and Science Committee, a position she feels honored to take over.  
“I feel really lucky to be on a campus with such phenomenal support--of myself, my research and women researchers in academia,” said Dr. Regensteiner. “Traditionally, women aren’t at the top in academia. I’m excited to keep expanding the leadership training available to our women faculty members.”
Dr. Regensteiner draws pride from helping connect researchers with the resources they need to fund their work. Recently, she and her colleagues at the Center helped a novice researcher who was having trouble getting funding. Once she was provided with some training related to grant applications, the researcher received the funds she needed to get pilot data and then received a big NIH grant.
“It was lovely—just lovely! A great moment for all of us,” said Dr. Regensteiner.

Connecting Research and Resources

Dr. Regensteiner’s work in bringing the community together in support of women’s health holds a very special place among her long list of accomplishments. The Center itself was the culmination of the community and the university working together. In 2013, Dr. Regensteiner was named the inaugural holder of the Judith and Joseph Wagner Endowed Chair in Women’s Health Research. After an 18-month effort, the center received more than $2 million in private support, including a $1 million lead gift from Judi and Joe Wagner. The chair was the first of its kind at the University of Colorado and is currently one of only a few nationally directed toward women’s health research.

“It’s been huge. First, it’s $2 million! But it also represents the devotion of our community and the continued building of this relationship,” said Regensteiner.
Dr. Regensteiner believes that it’s this alignment that will help us all see increased understanding in the women’s health issues that impact us all. “When you combine resources with devotion and drive—that’s when you start seeing a big impact.”