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News from the Academy of Medical Educators and Faculty Affairs

School of Medicine Educators Honored for Excellence

Three faculty members and one staff member were recently honored by the Academy of Medical Educators for cultivating and promoting excellence in teaching.

Excellence in Direct Teaching

The award for excellence in direct teaching was presented to Michael L. Fisher, MD, clinical professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, for teaching Cardiac Diagnostic Skills, an elective at St. Joseph’s Hospital. In the words of one of his nominators, “He is an incredibly skilled teacher, with years of experience under his belt, a wealth of humanism in his heart, and a sincere interest in every student who crosses his path. He believes that teaching is a skill to learn in itself and not something that necessarily comes naturally to all physicians. As a result, he is constantly working on his technique, updating his lesson plans and seeking out feedback from students. He is a wonderful role model for us all, and a teacher that none of us will forget!”

Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

Frank Scott, MD, associate professor, Department of Orthopedics, was honored for his excellence in mentoring and advising. The Academy received letters of support for his nomination from 21 students, residents and colleagues. In the words of one letter writer, “he is a compassionate, caring physician whose practice focuses on restoring functionality and stability to patients' hands. Each patient is different to him and he treats them as such, often remembering small details about their lives only mentioned in passing at prior visits. He truly listens to them. His patients notice this. His colleagues notice this. His learners notice this—and subsequently flock to him.”

Excellence in Educational Administration and Leadership

Kristina Oatis, coordinator of the Denver Health Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, was honored for excellence in educational administration and leadership. This innovative course, the first of its kind at the School of Medicine, truly explored uncharted waters. In the words of the course director, “Kristina embraced the uncertainty and strived every day to innovate and find creative solutions that would meet the unique needs of students participating in this curriculum. She is an independent problem-solver and creative thinker who brings energy and enthusiasm to her work every day.”  

Excellence in Curriculum Development and Educational Innovation

Jason C. Brainard, MD, assistant professor, Department of Anesthesiology, and Matthew Rustici, MD, assistant professor, Department of Pediatrics, received the award for excellence in curriculum development and educational innovation. Together they developed the Critical Care and Procedures elective, designed to instruct medical students in critical care procedures and situations they may not have been exposed to during rotations. Innovations included a model to practice thoracentesis and chest tubes using buckets, cloth and pork ribs, as well as games that forced students to use the same communication skills they would need in real-world resuscitations. In the words of one of their students, “These two weeks were hands down the BEST, highest-yield part of medical school for me. Every moment of curriculum was jam-packed with worthwhile student-centered learning.”

Please join us in congratulating the outstanding accomplishments of our faculty and staff.

​New Faculty Inducted into Academy of Medical Educators

The Academy of Medical Educators inducted 18 new members on July 25, 2016. We congratulate the following educators for being recognized for their dedication to achieving excellence in academic medicine.

  • Brian Bacak, MD, FAAFP, Family Medicine
  • Heather Baer, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR)
  • Scott De La Cruz, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine
  • Maria (Gabby) Frank, MD, FACP, Internal Medicine
  • Glenn Gravlee, MD, Anesthesiology
  • Todd Guth, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Kimi Kondo, DO, FSIR, Radiology
  • Lisa Lee, PhD, Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Paul Mintken, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Augusto Miravalle, MD, Neurology
  • Maria Moreira, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Daniel Nicklas, MD, FAAP, Pediatrics
  • Miriam Post, MD, Pathology
  • Danielle Royer, PhD, Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Matt Rustici, MD, Pediatrics
  • Barry Seltz, MD, Pediatrics
  • Jacqueline Sivahop, MS, PA-C, Pediatrics
  • Katie Heist Suddarth, MD, Internal Medicine

Faculty Honored for Professionalism During Matriculation Ceremony

Two School of Medicine faculty were honored on Aug. 12.

Maureen Garrity, PhD, associate professor, Department of Medicine, and associate dean, Department of Student Affairs, was recognized as a dedicated leader, advocate and mentor to students and colleagues. One letter of nomination states: “Dean Garrity is an exemplar of professionalism, with a longstanding record of dedication to the well-being of students.”

Wendy Madigosky, MD, associate professor, Department of Family Medicine and director, Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum, was recognized for her remarkable interprofessional professionalism. One letter of nomination states: “Her skills in working across the professions with respect, integrity and commitment to excellence have been recognized by School of Medicine faculty and administrators, as well as faculty and administrators within the College of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, Physical Therapy Program, CHA-PA Program, School of Dental Medicine and Anesthesiologist Assistant Program.”

Congratulations to both honorees, as well as all nominees for these distinguished awards.

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