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2009 Awards


Awards for Excellence in Direct Teaching

Robert Neumann, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery; Director, UCH Neuro ICU
“Dr. Neumann trains the neurosurgical residents with passion and dedication despite his overwhelming clinical duties, always interrupting his own work without hesitation to teach and educate resident, nursing and doctoral staff, let it be 1 pm or 1 am. Despite [his] many professional achievements, he is most proud of his training of residents in neurocritical care. He is a talented, dedicated, and tireless educator, mentor, and teacher.”

Dan Bessesen, MD
Professor of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes; Co-Block Director Digestive, Endocrine and Metabolism Systems Block

Dr. Bessesen is able to spark curiosity and wonder where there was none before; the passion with which he teaches is simply contagious. As Dr. Bessesen himself once said, "You all suffer from information toxicity, and one of my goals is to help you share in the sense of wonder that I have about this stuff!"

J.J. Cohen, MD, PhD
Professor of Immunology

Dr. Cohen’s teaching accomplishes much more than the delivery of information: his teaching conveys the genuine passion he has for his subject and his teaching encourages students to share in his thought processes. Through his teaching, we learn much more than how the immune system works; rather, we learn to think about diseases, to think about the complex interplay between disease and the immune system – in other words, we learn to “think like immunologists."


Award for Excellence in Curriculum Development/ Innovation

Mark Deutchman, MD
Professor of Family Medicine; Director, Rural Track

In 2005, Dr. Deutchman started the Rural Track for incoming medical students interested in rural medicine. This is one of our most successful and comprehensive tracks, providing students with the knowledge, experiences and mentorship necessary to support them in their interests in rural health. In addition, he has been a leader in the development of additional tracks and the infrastructure necessary to develop a successful longitudinal curricular initiative. More recently, he has spearheaded the development of a 16 week longitudinal curriculum in rural adult inpatient and outpatient care. Finally, he has been an innovator in interdisciplinary education, developing a highly successful oral health curriculum with the dental and medical students. He is a true innovator and leader in medical education.


Award for Excellence in Education Administration And Leadership

Nancy Madinger, MD
Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases; Director, Infectious Diseases Fellowship Training Program

As the Director of the Infectious Diseases fellowship training program, Dr. Madinger is enormously supportive towards fellows and our training experience. Approachable and easy to talk to, Dr. Madinger is always available and responsive towards input regarding our fellowship. Although she is an administrator, she remembers what it is like to be a fellow and fights for issues regarding fellow education while pushing us to achieve the most we can during our fellowship. Dr. Madinger has emphasized personalizing our fellowship experience to better prepare us for our careers after training. This emphasis on personalized training has allowed each of us to get the most out of our fellowship and has better prepared us for our careers after fellowship.


Award for Excellence in Research or Scholarship in Education

Gretchen Guiton, PhD
Associate Professor of Curriculum Evaluation; Co-director, Teaching Scholars Program

Gretchen Guiton is an unsung hero of the new curriculum, medical education, and education research. She gives tirelessly and without self-reward to the students and faculty of UCD School of Medicine as a project advisor, evaluation expert, statistician, grant writer, and mentor. As one student wrote: “Through her expertise in research, as well as her intimate knowledge of medical education and curriculum development, she helped us develop our project, while also teaching us the fundamentals of research in medical education.” Most education faculty and many students and residents would say exactly the same thing.