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General Surgery Residency

Resident Resources

Work/Life Balance Event 4/26/17. Dr. Barry Platnick at Denver Health also holds regular wellness events at the Denver Health site.

​Colorado Physician Health Program

Counseling and health assistance for residents.

Phone: 303-860-0122

Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Fatigue Management and Taxi Reimbursement

CHCO — Eric Sommers — 303-246-6032

DHHA — Richard Klepper — 303-602-2392 (Sleep Facilities)

DHHA — Audrey Martinez — 303-602-4962 (Taxi Reimbursement)

VA — Thomas J. Meyer — 303-266-9636

UCH — Hospital Manager — 720-848-4296

Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue: Effects on Performance in Residency Training

SIMPL App information is available on the Residents' shared drive.

In addition to the Wellness conference at Denver Health and the Work/Life Balance annual event, there was a Grand Rounds by the Director of the Resilience Program, Dr. Jenny Reese,on January 23, 2017.