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Electives during the PGY-4 Year

Lauren Wilson in OR on elective at Zhejiang University China

link to recent electives & John Stringham's blog from Rwanda:

Website PGY-4 electives 15.pdf

2013 Rwanda elective blog 

"I completed a Vascular Surgery elective at Rose and found it invaluable in improving my operative technique as well as gaining experience with the life of a private practice surgeon."

--Eddie Jones, Chief Resident 2013-2014

"My goals were to operate at multiple community hospitals to obtain experience in operating in a multi-hospital call setting, performance of endovascular interventions in absence of interventional radiology, performing surgery in a community setting to gain insight into the variety and severity of cases offered to non-academic vascular surgeons, and to perform vascular surgery in multiple hospitals.

The complexity of cases seen ranged from arteriovenous fistual creation/revision, open and aortic aneurysm repair, aortic resection with extra-anatomic bypass for mycotic disease of the aorta, open and endovascular arterial limb diagnosis and repair, ambulatory and operative management of venous stasis and reflux, with saphenous ablation using energy and more complex mechanical devices, lower extremity amputations, open and endovascular management of carotid arterial disease, and distal aortic arch endovascular management.

My final comments are that while this was an exhausing rotation, having to serve so many hospitals, it was immensely rewarding."

--Joon Lee, Chief Resident 2013-2014

Sarah Soule will take a Vascular Elective at St. Joseph's Exempla Hospital in Denver; Zachary Hartman is going to Montrose Hospital for a Rural Surgery elective in the spring of 2016.  

We now have international scholars visiting from Hospital do Servidor Publico Estadual in Brazil (Mauricio Lacerda and Dirce Gibelli, August 2015, below, and from Second Affilited Hospital of Zhejiang University, PR China (Qida Hu, January-March 2015, left) through a program letter of agreement between surgery residency programs.

These observerships can include presentations to the Program Director, Dr. Mark Nehler, and involve shadowing members of the clinical team (below).