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Electives during the PGY-4 Year

Lauren Wilson in OR on elective at Zhejiang University China


Hunter Moore      UCH Transplant Surgery

Scott Deeney       Presbyterian St. Luke's Pediatric Surgery

Brandon Chapman  St. Anthony's Hospital General Surgery

Yihan Lin               UCH CT Surgery

Doug Overbey        UCH CT Surgery

Irada Ibrahim-Zada  MD Anderson, Surgical Oncology

Anthony Bacon         UCH Colorectal Surgery

Luke Selby               Zhejiang University, PR China

Teralyn Carter           MSPE, Sao Paulo, Brazi

Teralyn Carter, above, is planning an elective in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2017-18.

 link to recent electives:

 Website PGY-4 electives 17.pdf

Sarah Soule did a Vascular Elective at St. Joseph's Exempla Hospital in Denver October-November 2015;  Zachary Hartman went to Montrose Hospital for a Rural Surgery elective in the winter of 2016.  

The pictures above are from Daine Bennett, who did a 

General Surgery elective in Kigali, Rwanda. The top photo shows a mountain gorilla in the background. The second photo shows a colobus monkey. 

Two of our international residency sites have completed a twinning relationship by sending residents to our program through a program letter of agreement between surgery residency programs by means of a program letter of agreement between surgery programs.


Gabriel Fonseca, center, visiting scholar from MSPE in Sao Paulo, Brazil in October/November 2016