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Current General Surgery Residents

2019-20- Photo roster-click here to view as PDF-- 

19-20 General Surgery composite.pdf​

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PGY1Abbitt, DanielleUniversity of Central Florida
PGY1Ahmad, Mohammad "Usman"USF Morsani College of Medicine
PGY1Banerjee, Sourodeep "Riju" Temple University
PGY1Barrio, MartinIndiana University
ResearchBartley, MatthewUniversity of Missouri
PGY1Bendixen, EricRocky Mountain Vista
ResearchBillings, JoshuaUniversity of California Los Angeles
ResearchCarmichael, HeatherHarvard Medical School
PGY2Chiochetti, SaraRowan University
ResearchChoudhury, RashikhUniversity of Pennsylvania
PGY2Choy, KevinFlorida State University
PGY3Coleman, JuliaThe University of Toledo
PGY4Croce, ChiaraUniversita di Pisa
PGY4Davis, StephanieWake Forest
PGY1Davis, TylerKansas City University of Medicine
PGY2DeBot, MargaretRush Medical College
PGY1Delcont, MellissaUniversity of Colorado
PGY1Denney, RobertVirginia Commonwealth University
PGY4Dewberry, LindelEmory University
PGY2Dunbar, JamesWest Virginia University
PGY2Dyas, AdamUniversity of Alabama
PGY5Einersen, PeterColumbia University
PGY4Eldeiry, MohamedUniversity of Colorado
PGY5Fackelmayer, OliverNew York Medical College
PGY5Frankel, JohnTexas Tech University
ResearchGhincea, ChristianUniversity of Colorado
PGY1Gill, GobindUniversity of Alabama
PGY1Gonzales, FredUniversity of Colorado
PGY3Govsyeyev, NicholasUniversity of South Florida
PGY3Gupta, RyanUniversity of California Irvine
ResearchHadley, JamieUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
PGY3Halpern, AlisonUniversity of North Carolina
ResearchHard, JessicahSaint Louis University
PGY1Hasken, ClareIndiana University
PGY5Heelan Gladden, AliciaGeorge Washington University
PGY4Hilton, SarahMedical College of Georgia
ResearchHo, FelixState University of New York
PGY4Hodges, MaggieEmory University
ResearchHouk, AnnaGeorgetown University
PGY2Hsaio, TiffanyVirignia Commonwealth University
ResearchHuynh, VictoriaTexas A&M Health Science
PGY1Iguidbashian, JohnCreighton School of Medicine
ResearchJarrett, MichaelUniversity of Colorado
PGY3Kemp, CeneaUniversity of Colorado
PGY4Kim, ChristinaUniversity of Oklahoma
PGY1King, Robert "Wilson"University of Alabama
PGY2Kissau, DanielWayne State University
PGY1Klomps, LawrencePennsylvania State College of Medicine
PGY4Kohtz, PatrickIndiana University
ResearchKovar, AlexandraFlorida International University
PGY2Kurth, AlexanderUniversity of Texas SW
PGY1Lai, SamuelWestern Michigan
PGY2Lee, JanetVirginia Commonwealth University
ResearchLee, JosephUniversity of Texas Southwestern
PGY3Leonard, LauraUniversity of Vermont
PGY1Lopez, Serafin "Alex"University of Texas Medical Branch
ResearchLouiselle, AmandaUniversity of Minnesota
PGY2Madsen, HelenUniversity of Colorado
PGY1Marcia, LobsangUCLA
PGY3McCall, CaitlynUniversity of Kansas
PGY4McLoughlin, KaitlinWayne State University
PGY5Michel, SamuelJohn Hopkins University
PGY5Moskowitz, ElizaTechnion Israel Institute of Technology
PGY1Motl, EmmaUniversity of Minnesota
PGY2Moyer, AmberTemple University
PGY5Mungo, BenedettoUniversity of Padova
PGY1Mustafa, TahirJinnah Medical & Dental College
PGY4Nunns, GeoffreyBaylor University
PGY3Peace, AlyssaHoward University
ResearchPlotkin, AnastasiaIndiana University
PGY1Ratchford, ConnorMedical College of Georgia (Augusta)
PGY1Reagan, LaurenUniversity of Minnesota
PGY1Rodriguez, IvanPontificia Univ. Catolica PUCMM
PGY3Samuels, JasonUniversity of Oklahoma
PGY1Schaid, Terry "TJ"University of Minnesota
PGY1Schmoke, NicholasFlorida International University
ResearchSharma, PiyushAll-India Institute of Medical Sciences
PGY3Singh, AbhinavGeorge Washington University
PGY5Sprunger, DavidUniversity of Colorado
PGY4Stettler, GregoryLoyola University
PGY3Sumislawski, JoshuaUniversity of Tennessee
PGY1Thomas, Madeline "Maddy"Rush University
PGY2Tilva, KevalEmmory University
ResearchTorphy, RobertUniversity of North Carolina
PGY2Turner, KathleenWayne State University
PGY5VanDerPloeg, DanielUniversity of Kentucky
PGY1Vaughn, AlyssaMedical College of Wisconsin
PGY1Vemuru, SudheerUniversity of Virginia
PGY2Venor, RyanNew York Medical College
ResearchVigneshwar, NavinVirginia Commonwealth University
PGY5Wallace, BradleyUniversity of Texas Southwestern
ResearchWhite, AllanaUniversity of Pittsburgh
PGY2Winn, MatthewMedical College of Georgia
PGY2Yoeli, DorBaylor College
PGY1Zavala, RennetteTemple University