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To review annual rotation schedule,

click the link below:

Faculty teaching residents and med students in the OR


2017-18 Surgery Residency Rotation schedule: 

1718 Sample Distribution schedule.pdf

Administrative Chief Residents, 2017-18

Nicole Christian and Aline Rau, PGY-5

Scott Deeney and Doug Overbey, PGY-4


Nicole Christian, Aline Rau, Brad Wallace, Maggie Hodges with Dr. Jaiswal (site director at Denver Health)

Administrative Chief residents (here, Doug Overbey and Nicole

Christian) often give presentations to current residents and applicants

regarding the program.

Barbara Caufield, Residency Database Administrator, provides presentations,

orientation and reporting to the residents regarding case logs, the SimplApp

used for OR feedback to residents, and tracks many aspects of residents'

progress including work hours and certifications.  

The Program Director, Dr. Mark Nehler, and the Chair, Dr. Richard Schulick, meet with each class regularly for breakfast in an open, flexible format to share ideas and find solutions to current issues.

  Faculty Development Workshops regarding Provision of Feedback and

  Teaching in the OR take place regularly now for all entering Assistant

  Professors at University of Colorado Department of Surgery (see below:)

Faculty work in groups to apply ACS Board of Governors Curriculum to daily teaching activities:

Residents now use the SIMPL app to request faculty feedback regarding cases in the OR:


Dr. Schulick, Dr. Brian George from University of Michigan and Dr. Yanik Babekov

introduce the SIMPL feedback app at Grand Rounds on February 13, 2017.