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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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Resident Awards

Ken Howell wins Excellence in Research Award ACS 2015


Akshay Chauhan, MD, J.Cuthbert Owens Award


       Nathan Pearlman, MD, Faculty Teaching Award

Alessandro Paniccia, MD, Moore Basic Science Award

  Daine Bennett, MD, Grover Clinical Science Award

Eduardo Gonzalez, MD, Eiseman Clinical Science        E.E.Moore, MD receiving Eiseman Basic Science

Award                                                                     Award on behalf of Hunter Moore, MD


Greg Stettler, MD, Intern of the Year Award


Ken Howell is the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Research Award at the American College of


Dr. Nehler congratulates Yihan Lin, MD after her Global Health Symposium

Presentation on the CU Campus. Dr. Lin is currently a Paul Farmer Global

Surgery Research Fellow and is enrolled in the Program in Global Surgery and

Social Change (PGSSC) at Harvard Medical School, 2015-2017.

Max Wohlauer and Akshay Chauhan, with Surgical Jeopardy winning

plaque, Resident Jeopardy, ACS, 2013.

Immediately Above: Dr. Schulick presents Department Awards, 9/7/13

      Link to AATS 2012 Lillehei Award (Jessica Yu)