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Vascular Surgery Research

The Department of Surgery at CU has a rich history of research with fundamental discoveries in basic, translational and clinical sciences that have shaped the practice of surgery and medicine regionally, nationally and around the globe. At UC Denver, we are continually examining our clinical outcomes and looking for ways that our experience can contribute to medical knowledge and the advancement of the care of patients with vascular disease.

Vascular Surgery participates in several landmark clinical research trials supported by industry and the National Institutes of Health. These projects focus on aortic and acute limb pathologies and investigate emerging device technologies and vascular/endovascular techniques.

Vascular Surgery participates in the SVS-PSO Vascular Quality Initiative, a national registry of vascular surgical outcome data used for both quality and vascular surgical outcomes. Tracked procedures include carotid endarterectomy and stent placement, infra-inguinal bypass and peripheral vascular interventions, and open and endovascular aortic repairs, along with thoracic aortic/ complex endovascular aneurysm repairs.

The Vascular Surgery faculty also participates in the Surgical Outcomes and Applied Research initiative (SOAR), a collaboration between the Department of Surgery and the Adult and Child Center for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS). Please visit the SOAR website for more information.

Vascular Surgery utilizes the research services of the Colorado Prevention Center (CPC), an academically led clinical research organization which has responded to the demands of a fast-paced clinical research industry and competitive market for over two decades. The CPC offers full-service clinical trial design, oversight, and management with rapid access to key opinion leaders in a variety of therapeutic areas. These individuals are on the cutting edge of scientific, clinical and regulatory developments. Many of CPC's leadership team have chaired and/or served on FDA advisory committees.

The Division of Vascular Surgery also devotes its research efforts to clinical and outcomes research through multidisciplinary collaborations with the Departments of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Vascular Medicine, Interventional Radiology, and Bioengineering. There are numerous opportunities for the vascular surgery fellow and surgical residents to participate in research. With all of the medical sciences concentrated on the Anschutz Medical Campus, collaboration between scientists and physician scientists is nearly effortless.

For questions, please contact Darci Adams, Business Services Program Director, at (303) 724-2697.

Recent publications, abstracts, and presentations

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Current research projects

Currently, the Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, in conjunction with the UC Denver School of Medicine, is actively screening and enrolling patients for the following Research Studies. Please click the titles below for project details:

 Validation of geometric solid models for planning of endovascular repair of complex aortic aneurysms

PI : Omid Jazaeri, MD, FACS
Sponsor: University of Colorado
IRB# : 14-1470
Purpose : The aim of this study is to validate geometric solid model reconstructions from existing 3 dimensional DICOM datasets.

 Global Registry for Endovascular Aortic Treatment (GREAT) Outcomes Evaluation

PI: David Kuwayama, MD, MPA
Sponsor : Gore
IRB# : 13-1901 Identifier: NCT01658787
Purpose : This is a prospective observational cohort Registry designed to obtain data on device performance and clinical outcomes of patients treated with Gore endovascular aortic products.

 Zenith® Low Profile AAA-LP Endovascular Graft clinical study

PI : David Kuwayama, MD, MPA
Sponsor : Cook
IRB# : 14-0150 Identifier: NCT00833924
Purpose : The Zenith® Low Profile AAA Endovascular Graft Clinical Study is a clinical trial approved by US FDA to study the safety and effectiveness of the Zenith® Low Profile AAA Endovascular Graft used in conjunction with the Zenith® Spiral-Z® AAA Iliac Leg Graft to treat abdominal aortic, aorto-iliac, and iliac aneurysms.

 Zenith® Fenestrated AAA Endovascular Graft Post-Approval Study

PI : Omid Jazaeri, MD, FACS
Sponsor : Cook
IRB# : 13-2985 Identifier: NCT01990950
Purpose : This post-market study is approved by the US FDA to evaluate the long-term safety and performance of the Zenith® Fenestrated AAA Endovascular Graft.

 Zenith Spiral-Z AAA lliac Leg Graft Registry

PI : Omid Jazaeri, MD, FACS
Sponsor : Cook
IRB# : 12-0809 Identifier: NCT01540643
Purpose : Assess short term and longer term outcomes, including outcomes related to patency, of the Zenith® Spiral-Z® AAA Iliac Leg Graft.

 Occlusive and Aneurysmal Disease, a novel role for the Endologix Abdominal Endograft

PI : Omid Jazaeri, MD, FACS
Sponsor : University of Colorado
IRB# : 13-2518
Purpose : The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the Endologix endograft in the setting of both aneurysmal and occlusive disease of the abdominal aorta.

 Randomized, Multicenter, Controlled Trial to Compare Best Endovascular versus Best Surgical Therapy in Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (BEST-CLI Trial)

PI : Kevin Rogers, MD, MSc, RPVI
Sponsor : NIH & New England Research Institute
IRB# : 14-0976 Identifier: NCT02060630
Purpose : This study will compare the effectiveness of best available surgical treatment with best available endovascular treatment in adults with critical limb ischemia (CLI) who are eligible for either treatment option.

 Anatomic Variations in Renal Arteries Reflect Postoperative Renal Dysfunction in Patients with Fenestrated Endografts

PI : Omid Jazaeri, MD, FACS
Sponsor : University of Colorado
IRB# : 14-2047
Purpose : A retrospective review that will include those who underwent fenestrated EVAR with bilateral renal artery stenting at the University of Colorado and Stanford University.

 Safety of Physician-Modified Fenestrated and Branched Aortic Endografting for the Treatment of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms

PI : David Kuwayama, MD, MPA
Sponsor : University of Colorado
IRB# : pending approval
Purpose : A prospective, single-arm, open label, safety study of physician-modified, fenestrated, and branched aortic endografting utilizing the Cook Zenith TX2 base device in adult patients requiring surgical treatment of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms.

 SVS PSO Type B Thoracic Aortic Dissection Quality Improvement Project

Champion : Omid Jazaeri, MD, FACS
Sponsor : Society for Vascular Surgery/ M2S
Purpose : This project will evaluate TEVAR treatment of aortic dissection.

 Vascular Quality Initiative®

Champion : Natalia Glebova, MD, PhD
Sponsor : Society for Vascular Surgery/ M2S
Purpose : The VQI is designed to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and cost of vascular health care by collecting and exchanging information under an AHRQ-listed Patient Safety Organization.

 American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP®)

Champion: Natalia Glebova, MD, PhD

Purpose: This project aims to development predictive models for readmissions in surgical patients.


 Trial of methods to reduce readmissions in surgical patients

​PI: Natalia Glebova, MD, PhD13

 Quality improvement project to reduce readmissions in surgical patients at the University of Colorado Hospital

Champion: Natalia Glebova, MD, PhD


 Analysis of the association between more intense postoperative outpatient care and frequency of postoperative readmissions and readmission costs in surgical patients

PI: Natalia Glebova, MD, PhD15