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Vascular Surgery and EndoVascular Therapy

Dr. David Kuwayama serves in Congo

David Kuwayama, MD, with patients in Democratic Republic of Congo

David Kuwayama, MD, MPA, a vascular surgeon on our faculty, was recently featured in a UCHealth Insider article about his volunteer work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

In the fall of 2014, Dr. Kuwayama took five weeks of unpaid leave to serve in the DRC with the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

While in the DRC, Dr. Kuwayama treated not only “natural” diseases and health problems but also many injuries resulting from the widespread violence that plagues the region. Some of his patients had sustained massive gunshot wounds from military assault weapons; others were victimized in systematic campaigns of sexual violence.

Despite the harrowing nature of what he saw on a daily basis, Dr. Kuwayama says he has never done more fulfilling work, and he hopes to return on an annual basis. Read more in UCHealth Insider.

(March 2015)