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Prostate Cancer

Active Surveillance Program

Prostate cancer is usually slow moving and can take many years or even decades to cause bothersome symptoms or death. All prostate cancer treatments have some side effects. We don’t always have to treat the prostate cancer right away especially if the cancer doesn’t look aggressive on the prostate biopsy. Some men decide to just watch it carefully and get it treated when it seems like it is getting worse. These men can live many years without the side effects of surgery or radiation and all studies show that this can be done very safely. This is called Active Surveillance.

At the University of Colorado, we don’t want men to suffer from either their cancer OR the side effects of their treatment. We believe that many men can be carefully watched and treated later with high-quality cutting edge therapy. We use many different tools to monitor your cancer. Our experienced pathologists and urologists are the best to perform your follow-up prostate biopsies. Our uroradiologists use a 3 Tesla multiparametric MRI to look deeply into the prostate for small tumors. We have pioneered accurate extensive biopsies of the prostate. These “mapping” or “staging” biopsies are as accurate as prostate surgery in finding significant cancers. Please come talk to us to see if this might be best for you.