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Kidney Cancer

Advanced and Metastatic Kidney Cancer Management

If you or one of your family members has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, you’ll need an expert healthcare team on your side.

You'll find that team at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. As a top tier cancer institute, we have access to the latest advances in treatment for kidney cancer, and we combine specialized care with personalized attention.

Large kidney tumors or kidney cancer that has spread around the body (metastasis) can be very complicated to treat.  Kidney cancers can spread into blood vessels (vena cava) or to other organs like the lungs, liver, or bones.  The decision for surgery or chemotherapy may not be easy.  We have experts in urologic cancer surgery and oncology working side by side, in the same clinic, that can help you make the best decision about what is right for you.


Individualized care plans

Our kidney cancer team creates and maintains an individual care plan based on each patient’s situation. Then, the same doctors and support professionals stay with you throughout your journey, from initial testing and support to treatment and aftercare.
Our dedication to a cure for cancer is unwavering. That’s why our 5-year survival rates are up to 30% higher than state, regional and national averages.
To begin your journey with a committed and caring team of kidney cancer experts, call us at (720) 848-0300.