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Urology Clinical Services

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The Division of Urology has physicians and provide services in each of the major areas of Urology. Besides being trained in all areas of Urology, most of our physicians have fellowship sub-specialty training. Below are some of the sub-specialties in which our physicians have additional training.

    • Male reproductive medicine and surgery are covered by Randall Meacham, M.D.
    • Minimally invasive surgery (Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery) is covered by Shandra Wilson, M.D., Paul Maroni, M.D. and Fernando J. Kim, M.D.
    • Kidney, prostate, testicular, ureteral, bladder, urethral, penile, and all other urological cancer patients are well taken care of by each of our urologic oncology specialists, doctors E. David Crawford, M.D., Shandra Wilson, M.D. and Paul Maroni, M.D. These specialists also cover all aspects of prostate health issues.
    • Incontinence and bladder dysfunction are problems that affect many people each year and Brian Flynn, M.D. is a specialist in this area.
    • The Children's Hospital in Denver is the largest and busiest children's hospital in our region and we are fortunate to have Duncan Wilcox, M.D., Jeffrey Campbell, M.D. and Vijaya Vemulakonda, M.D. to cover all aspects of pediatric urology.
    • Urologic trauma requires swift and able care, and the Division is extremely fortunate for our strong affiliation with Denver Health Medical Center, which is designated as a Level I Trauma Center by the federal government. Fernando J. Kim, M.D. is the chief of the DHMC Urology Department covers all aspects of urologic trauma.